Proximi proposes copy-and-paste method for Apple iPhone (with video)

Proximi Inc., the makers of MagicPad for iPhone, have just released a short video in which they highlight not only their thought processes behind the copy-and-paste method they’ve come up with for Apple iPhones, but also examples of how it would integrate system-wide:

Candidate User Interface for Copy-and-Paste on the iPhone:

Direct link via Vimeo here.

[Attribution. MacNN. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James M.” for the heads up.]


  1. It’s cool their thinking about how important this “moment” is for the life of devices for years to come…. It’s like 1984 all over again!

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  2. uh…doesn’t this just scream arrogance?

    they seem to think that Apple needs their help “designing” this UI. one doesn’t suppose these techniques have not already been addressed MANY TIMES within the Apple Campus? think Apple is just sitting there waiting for some GENIUS to come up with a copy-paste strategy?

    give me a break. the almost breathless enthusiasm of the narrator is cloying and anything but humble, in the end. it rings of the avid know-it-all in grade school who wanted so much to help the teacher EDUCATE THE MASSES.

    gotta love how the narrator hammers on the point that this is a CRUCIAL interface that (THANK GOD!!!) they are addressing in such an ecumenical and community-oriented way. Oh, THANK YOU proximi guy!

    {gack} never going to use their (Proximi’s) apps, now. punks.

  3. Brilliant, Al. Building even more copyright violation functionality into an Apple app. Why not just stick with MacTheRipper and let ol’ Geezerbutz deal with the legal problems? (BTW: His website is currently offline and unavailable as of this writing. Would you wish that on the iTunes site as well?

  4. nunja,

    I agree, full of arrogance.
    Also Apple didn’t wait for them. If you select international Keyboard, for example French, and you stay long enough on the vowels the accent will appear like a pop up menu. So thank you for the idea but all is already in place in the iPhone UI. Damn…

  5. I’m kinda stoned right now … the speaker in this video seemed to be talking at about 100 miles an hour … had to stop it … just toooooo fast for me to appreciate … hope I spelled everything correctly ….

  6. I think arrogance would be a bit harsh. The iPhone has opened up a whole new slew of development opportunities, and this is one company that seems to not just ride the wave, but be a leader in the industry. I respect that.

  7. Can you imagine listening to this guy read you an audio book on a cross country road trip? I’d probably throw my iPhone out the window.

    I don’t have time to worry about Cut & Paste anyway. My iPhone is still doing that 2 hour backup thing.

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