Report: SingTel to launch 3G iPhone in Singapore in August

“Singapore Telecommunications Ltd, Southeast Asia’s largest telecoms firm, will launch Apple Inc’s third-generation iPhone [sic] in Singapore before the end of August, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters,” Jennifer Tan reports for Reuters.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s second-generation “iPhone 3G” uses third-generation (3G) mobile phone standards and technologies.

“SingTel , the city-state’s largest listed company, said in June it would offer the iPhone, but did not provide a date for the release,” Tan reports.

Apple “plans to launch [iPhone 3G] in 20 more countries on Aug. 22,” Tan reports. “It has set a target of selling 10 million iPhones this year.”

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  1. “Singapore Telecommunications Ltd, Southeast Asia’s largest telecoms firm…”

    Now that’s hilarious!!! Largest? Seriously folks, an island with just over 2.5 million people does not a large telecoms firm make..

  2. I believe Apple is going too far in how they are trying to control the sale of the iPhone. To keep a long story short, I switched from my existing provider in Singapore to Singtel in January 2009, lost the iphone(16 GB) two weeks later and Singtel offers me a replacement for US$1000 bucks and I tell them they are insane and practicing predatory pricing. Shame on Apple to allow this.

    You can buy an unlocked iPhone in Hong Kong for US$800 from an Apple shop. Optus in Australia sells it with a pre-paid line for US$600 + US$80 prepaid card top up.

    Today I was reading about Apples International Warranty on the iPhone and guess what I see

    . Can I get my iPhone serviced outside the country of purchase?
    No, service for eligible repairs is only available in the country where your iPhone was purchased.

    I cannot remember the last time I bought a laptop or phone that did not have a truly international warranty where it can be repaired anywhere. Apple really SHAME on you for setting the telecommunications industry back so many years. What has a product warranty got to do with the carrier.

    I have a operational line with Singtel, I bought the iPhone in another country but it is unlocked by the carrier also according to policy, now I suspect if anything goes wrong Apple and Singtel will try to screw me over again. By the way am not an Apple Basher, I have gone through two iMacs, this is written on a Macbook Pro and I “used to be” to be telling everyone I know that they should buy an iPhone. After what I have discovered over the last 4 weeks, I tell my friend to run for their lifes and not to touch an iPhone with a ten foot pole unless Apple changes it policies. I guess the two iPods I was planning to buy for my kids will have to wait, just on a matter of principle.

    I have been loyal to the Apple Brand for over 20 years and it looks like Apple is starting to repeat its mistakes of the past and getting way to arrogant in how it treats its customers. By the way e-mails to Apple received no acknowledgement, so I guess my a customers opinion doesn’t matter anymore.

  3. To Pissedoffapplefan,

    same thing happened to me, just lost iphone and still have line rental contract running for another 17 months with singtel.

    u say you are using your singtel line with an iphone unlocked from another country…was wondering if this actually worked, as i am contemplating doing the same thing.

    otherwise, i was going to break the contract and pay $800.

  4. I bought mine under the pre-patd plan from Optus for AUD900 bucks and had to top up another AUD120 in prepaid credits to get them to unlock it. No issue for me as I can still have friend and family in Australia use up those credits but the process was a bit of a pain as you need to register it to a local address.

    I believe now you have more options like getting it in Indonesia ad Malaysia. Just make sure it is unlocked and you can use it anywhere. Mine works fine. However I suspect if it gets spoiled I am in for another fight with Singtel and Apple over warranty repair.

    Alternatively you can be real nasty with Singtel and they did finally offer me 10% off the S$1500 on the phone and 2 months waiver on my suvscroption charges after I kicked up a fuss. It certianly beats giving them S$800 for nothing.

  5. On a separate note I would hold off buying anything for a few more weeks as rumours are there is a new model about to be launched since no new stocks of the current 3G model are being brought in.

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