Report: Foxconn now manufacturing 800,000 Apple iPhone 3G units per week

“Foxconn has ramped up production to accommodate the manufacturing of Apple’s 3G iPhone [according to] newspaper reports,” Anke Schröter reports for evertiq.

That’s “over 40 million units per year, which would be well beyond the estimate of 25 million units,” Schröter reports.

Apple plans “to introduce the iPhone 3G in a further 50 countries this year – currently 23 countries sell the next-generation iPhone,” Schröter reports.

Full article here.


  1. These numbers are for drooling. I hope it’s true and quality control remains above average.
    How quickly can they scale MobileMe to handle this kind of volume. OSX Server should get some notoriety from the eyes of IT pros if it scales well.

  2. Well that is 40 million if it was the entire calendar year of production. However, it wasn’t released until the second half of the year, meaning that the 25 million phone goal is probably realistic since production should ramp up even more once it is release in more countries in August.

  3. Now that I think about it, Apple said they wanted to sell 10 million iPhones in CY08. It looks like Apple will sell the 10 million iPhones by the end of the third quarter (their fiscal fourth quarter). If you take the remaining 13 weeks in the last quarter and multiply, you get 10.5 million iPhones. Add that up and we have 20.5 million iPhones sold in CY08.

    I don’t know where that 25 million number is coming from??? And the most certainly will not hit 40 million this year.

  4. @Imagone

    Obviously you know squat about robotics and multiple lines…

    These numbers are quite do-able and in fact are on the small side when you look at Nokia and Sony-Emerson…

    So pull your head out and realize that what happened in a garage yonks ago is now going on in very big and very modern operations in Singapore and China.


  5. It’s silly to think that rate of production would continue for an entire year. It’s an eye-popping number, and I wish they WOULD sell that many, but let’s be realistic. It just goes to show that it’s a hot product that’s very much in demand right now. But I expect that demand could easily continue through the holidays. I’ve got a buddy who’s a notorious cheap-ass who is even thinking of buying one.

  6. Unless an original source is cited, isn’t this just the story from two months ago rehashed? Remember the story from one of the consulting groups, NPD or someone else, that reported that iPhone 3G production was reduced 15% due to production constraints. They spun the story negatively. Of course, if one read their report carefully, one would have realize that the quarterly runrate was 12M units. The 15% reduction meant 10.2M iPhone 3Gs for the 3rdQ of ’08, with 12M units for 4thQ of ’08. That’s 22.2M iPhones mfr’d in the latter half of ’08. Add in the 2M EDGE units sold in the first half of ’08, and you get about 24M iPhones in ’08. Sure, not all the phones mfr’d will be shipped or sold, but that’s still going to be double the prediction of 10M that Steve predicted over 18 months ago at WWDC ’07.

    The problem with the original article was some confusion about whether 12M units were to be made in Q4, as the article said “by Q4”. Some people didn’t understand that “by Q4” means, by the beginning of Q4 and not the end. I’m sure someone can find the original MDN story on it.

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