Apple’s App Store for iPhone, iPod touch hits 1,001 apps and counting

“The number of offerings on the App Store — the venue for independently produced programs that helps distinguish Apple’s smartphone from all others — hit 1,001 on Monday night,” Philip Elmer-Dewitt reports for Fortune.

“That’s roughly double the number that were available when the store opened just over two weeks ago (on July 11, the same day the iPhone 3G went on sale)… Roughly 20% of the apps are free; 90% cost $10 or less. Most also work on the iPod touch,” Elmer-Dewitt reports.

“Many consider this flood of software to be a bigger deal than the phone itself. Among smartphones, only the RIM Blackberry has created a comparable platform for so-called third-party programs, but because the Blackberry lacks a touch screen and accelerometer, its apps don’t compare with the iPhone’s in terms of features and ease of use,” Elmer-Dewitt reports.

Full article, which also covers some developer compliants such as Apple not acting quickly enough to approve their submissions or make their updates available, here.


  1. “covers some developer compliants such as Apple not acting quickly enough to approve”

    Imagine: the company responsible for MobileMess screwing up it’s iPhone app “certification” process.

    “i didn’t realize that the biggest time killing app on my phone would be looking for more apps…..”

    Have you got all 72 tip calculators yet?

  2. Peter said:

    “”Roughly 20% of the apps are free; 90% cost $10 or less.”

    So, 110% of the apps are less than $10? That’s good. I always try to give 110% myself…”

    Although the term “cost” wouldn’t necessarily be used when it comes to something that is free, what the writer means is that 90% of the apps cost less than $10, which INCLUDES the free apps. Free IS less than $10.

    So, the writer’s calculations are not in error. His use of the word “cost” to apply to a free program is the error.


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