Free education: Apple’s Tunes U an unsung but popular feature of iTunes

“At Apple’s iTunes online store, Britney Spears and Shakespeare are separated by just a few clicks,” John Boudreau reports for The Mercury News.

“While an episode of ‘Desperate Housewives’ will cost $1.99, a series of lectures by renowned University of California-Berkeley philosophy professor Hubert Dreyfus is absolutely free. A single song by pop diva Rihanna is 99 cents. The price of a course on modern theoretical physics by Stanford University quantum mechanics professor Leonard Susskind? Nada,” Boudreau reports.

“Apple calls it iTunes U, an unsung but popular feature of iTunes. Audio and video downloads of classroom lectures are available to anyone who wants to listen to them through a computer or an iPod. Though the program has existed on a smaller scale for a few years, it now offers more than 50,000 audio and video tracks – course lectures, language lessons, speeches – from scores of universities and colleges. Beginning in the fall, both UC-Berkeley and Stanford are planning expansions to their respective digital lecture programs,” Boudreau reports.

Full article here.

Visit Apple’s iTunes U here.


  1. I’ve enjoyed iTunes U for roughly a year now, especially Texas A&M;’s courses on animal husbandry.

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  2. Let’s hope iTunes has lectures from a right of center university also. Are there any? The USA has been brain-washed enough for the past forty years by flower children followers.

  3. Full disclaimer;

    I live in Houston, therefore it’s my duly sworn duty to raz Aggies!

    Honestly, though?

    I ♡ A&M;:Saw ’em off!

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  4. Fantastic! I would also like to see more Macintosh videos like the free introductions to Leopard and iPhone, and how about putting Steve Jobs’ announcement videos there too? I think that people would love to see this kind of stuff too.

  5. iTunes U gives students a view of college life, but not the entire picture. Many of these lectures are among the best in the nation on whatever subject they cover. More than a few are snorers. None can compare with actually taking the course! Although, a student could get a leg up on a course by listening to the lectures in advance, or the night after, or just before the test. But, those are not the students who can’t be bothered to do the reading in the first place or who leave their written homework until after the !P!A!R!T!Y!
    I like it. I think it’s a great idea. I’ve listened to quite a few. Helps me feel informed. But, at 63, my party life is down to one a maybe month and I have no expectation of having to take the mid-term or final exams. I may still be better informed than the Greeks and the Jocks, but they still get the babes.

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