Apple’s Phone 2.1 update to bring turn-by-turn GPS navigation?

Apple has released a beta version of iPhone OS 2.1 to developers.

“iPhone 2.1 software update will bring improvements to the GPS functions. Specifically, the iPhone will not only know where you are, but in which direction you are going and how fast you are moving. This is being interpreted by many people as the coming of turn-by-turn GPS,” Charlie Sorrel blogs for Wired.

“Proper turn-by-turn GPS would be a huge blow for existing satnav manufacturers,” Sorrel writes.

“What this update does show us is that… iPhone 2.0 has the ability to turn the world of mobile devices upside down,” Sorrel writes. “Now that there are a 3G and a GPS chip inside, and now that the App Store is up and running, the iPhone can mimic pretty much any other class of handheld device with the simple addition of software.”

Full article here.

Andru Edwards reports for Gear Live, “Along with the 2.1 firmware, a new version of the iPhone SDK has been seeded as well, but the new SDK can’t be used for submitting applications to the App Store at the moment.”

“A few new things we are seeing in this version of the software is the addition of a bunch of Core Location features that track the direction you are heading, and the speed you are traveling,” Edwards reports.

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  1. Long-time Apple fan and iPhone early adopter, here (purchased week 1.) Safari does crash regularly. Period. Always has. Still does. Address Book and even the phone itself can be annoyingly sluggish sometimes. Still, the iPhone is an AWESOME device. No question. But, now that we have apps and great new features, I hope the iPhone OS development team can focus on speed, stability and usability.

    As for GPS, the iPhone won’t replace a dedicated GPS any more than it replaces a good digital camera. Just like the camera, it’s awesome to have, and better than none at all, but it’s no replacement. It will probably cut into sales a little for Garmin and Tom Tom, but there will still be a huge market for the dedicated devices.

  2. @Jamie

    Band is an unstable program (a great program but unstable) If it locks-up your iPhone (it did once for me) all you have to do is hold down the top button and the home button at the same time for a few seconds to force your iPhone to restart. You don’t need to stare at your iPhone for 2 hours.

    Also, when sinking your iPhone to iTunes. When it gets to the part when it says (backing up your iPhone) just click the cancel button next to it and skip that part, you don’t need it. It goes on to the rest of the sink, even backing up your apps without taking 2 hours.

    Apple does needs to fix that in the next update.

  3. You know, I have to say I’ve had no complaints whatsoever with the MobileMe and push email, but I don’t need everything synced to the second, so the lags haven’t bothered me as they would some.

    But I have to second (or third) the calls for some bugfixin’ – there definitely are times when the phone just “stalls” out and I’m left pushing my finger on an icon and pushing and pushing… and I don’t have any feedback so I don’t know why it’s not responding. It’s the old spinning beachball on the Mac, but without the beachball.

    That, and far too often apps just die and dump me back to the main “desktop” of icons for no apparent reason. I’d say the iPhone team could use to take a pass through the list and improve some stability, for sure.

    The turn-by-turn would be nice too, though – I can’t believe my brother bought an “Instinct” and we were comparing our cool phones. The Instinct had me beat for: GPS Turn-by-Turn Navigation, voice dialing and map searches, and customizable keyboard onscreen with vibration-feedback when you press the keys. He could set the keyboard to always open in horizontal or vertical mode, decide which style keyboard opened by default, etc.

    On the other hand, the iPhone had the instinct beat with the App Store, screen size, memory size, iPod control, beauty of design (both physical phone & software GUI), and I think wi-fi, but I don’t remember for sure.

    Overall, I have to say the Instinct wasn’t crappy like I thought it would be. It actually seemed decently functional.

  4. iPhone 2.1 to provide turn-by-turn navigation?
    iPhone 2.1 to provide cut and paste?
    iPhone 2.1 to provide fish pedicures?

    It’s all rampant speculation. Any headline about Apple that ends in a question mark is not worth the electrons it’s written with.

  5. another bug…
    the volume goes back to the middle everytime u set it back to the highest setting and ELECTRONIC for SMS doesnt always work… tested on 4 iPhones… all same issues!!!

  6. “When that first turn-by-turn GPS iPhone commercial hits TV – then it will be ‘Game Over’.”

    Except for people who want it to cost $100 for the device, with no subscription and have it work when out of cellphone coverage.

  7. @theloniousmac, there is nothing wrong with the hardware, it’s most certainly this 2.0 software. And isn’t the whole point of the App Store so “piece of crap app” cannot even get onto my iPhone?

    This App cost me £5.99, and was featured at the WWDC. Shame they didn’t show it’s other features, like corrupting an iPhone so it has to be restored and started from scratch.

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Please please Apple with sugar on top – release 2.0.1 already!


    “Core Location features that track the direction you are heading, and the speed you are traveling”

    well, any programmer can get the speed and direction using the current SDK.


    turn by turn GPS is not depending on that feature at all, but on MAPS !

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