Apple’s Phone 2.1 update to bring turn-by-turn GPS navigation?

Apple has released a beta version of iPhone OS 2.1 to developers.

“iPhone 2.1 software update will bring improvements to the GPS functions. Specifically, the iPhone will not only know where you are, but in which direction you are going and how fast you are moving. This is being interpreted by many people as the coming of turn-by-turn GPS,” Charlie Sorrel blogs for Wired.

“Proper turn-by-turn GPS would be a huge blow for existing satnav manufacturers,” Sorrel writes.

“What this update does show us is that… iPhone 2.0 has the ability to turn the world of mobile devices upside down,” Sorrel writes. “Now that there are a 3G and a GPS chip inside, and now that the App Store is up and running, the iPhone can mimic pretty much any other class of handheld device with the simple addition of software.”

Full article here.

Andru Edwards reports for Gear Live, “Along with the 2.1 firmware, a new version of the iPhone SDK has been seeded as well, but the new SDK can’t be used for submitting applications to the App Store at the moment.”

“A few new things we are seeing in this version of the software is the addition of a bunch of Core Location features that track the direction you are heading, and the speed you are traveling,” Edwards reports.

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  1. There’s a loud, crunching noise rolling over the state of Washington. It is the sound of the destruction of a thousand office chairs. All MS employees will be required to stand until further notice.

  2. I’d be happy with no lag time when I go to the address book, for instance… before more sugary sweet is added to slow down the phone.

    Further, when I’m drive 70 down the interstate, or driving in a busy city – I’ll take my Garmin which speaks to me with a screen I can actually glance at and see over an iPhone for navigation.

  3. I agree with all posters who are calling for 2.1 to be a promptly delivered fix for the sluggish UI. (Crashing isn’t as big an issue for me but I am seeing it a bit more of that than in 1.X)

    It gets embarrassing when you try to show off your “cool new phone.” And its just a royal pain from day to day when trying to look up a contact. Add to the mix the less than stellar performance of MobilMe.

    I hope Apple learns some lessons from this rollout.

  4. I read Tom Tom is supposedly already developing a driving direction app for the iPhone. Just waiting for it to work right and work legally and be blessed by Apple, I think.

    Who will be sweating are GPS device makers that are trying to convert their old gadgets into a smartphone, and other mobile OS or hardware only makers who still hope they can catch up to the speed that the iPhone is developing.

    When that first turn-by-turn GPS iPhone commercial hits TV – then it will be ‘Game Over’.

  5. What fixes the slow display of contacts for me was to turn the phone completely off then back on. Do this every couple of days or so and it should fix the contact list slowness. Did for me anyway.

    But before Apple starts adding more fluff I sure wish they would add a simple reminder beep when I’ve missed a call or message. How hard could that be?

    (I keep saying this every chance I get in hopes that Steve may some day read it, and do it!)

  6. Fuck new features Apple, give me a fucking iPhone that is STABLE

    Now before any of you guys and girls flame me, please know that I am probably Apple’s Number 1 fan. I love ’em. BUT, this damn iPhone 3G is about as stable as Amy Winehouse in a pub – it crashes 3-4 times a day… but this morning was something else.

    After a backup of nearly 2 HOURS in iTunes, my iPhone abruptly restarted itself as I was loading up Band. Got stuck at the Apple Logo and went no further for 2 hours, so I decided to bite the bullet and restore from Diagnostic Mode.

    iTunes then tells me my iPhone backup is corrupt, and so I have to start over. Fucking great.

    Come on Apple, please. All I ask is you make the iPhone stable again. My 1st gen iPhone running 1.1.4 was head and shoulders above this 3G, and it’s all down to the 2.0 software. At least let us know you are working on a fix. Are you?

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