All they want to talk about at MobileBeat conference are Apple’s iPhone and App Store

“Though almost every discussion at the MobileBeat conference in Sunnyvale, Calif., on Thursday centered around the iPhone, venture capitalists told mobile entrepreneurs to broaden their focus and build applications for all phones. Still, all anyone wanted to talk about was the Apple App Store, from which users have downloaded 30 million applications for the iPhone this month,” Claire Cain Mlller reports or The New York Times.

“Startups should ‘intelligently hedge their bets across multiple platforms,’ advised Richard Wong of Accel Partners. His firm has invested in mobile games and application site GetJar, ‘the store for the other 3 billion phones that aren’t iPhones,’ as Mr. Wong put it,” Mlller reports.

MacDailyNews Take: In other words, the store for underpowered devices with tiny screens, indecipherable user interfaces and no built-in iPods, most of which are incapable of running anything more taxing than a contacts list; iPhone also-rans, wannabes, and worse. No wonder developers don’t care about them.

Mlller continues, “”Rick Segal of Blackberry Partners Fund and JLA Ventures reminded developers that the iPhone only accounts for a tiny share of the worldwide market… ‘You must think multi-platform,’ he said.”

MacDailyNews Take: Blackberry Partners Fund = Me Too Joke (Related: Hot on the heels of their fake iPhone, RIM launches fake iFund – May 12, 2008)

Mlller continues, “Some investors insisted that multiple mobile platforms–whether Apple’s, Google’s, Research in Motion’s or others–will thrive. Matt Murphy, head of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers’ $100 million iFund, said most entrepreneurs who pitch him have iPhone applications, but that the platform war ‘is not a winner-take-all game.’ David Sokolic of Battery Ventures disagrees. He predicts a shakeout akin to the PC market and Microsoft’s Windows, with a clear leader emerging.”

“So what’s a mobile startup to do? One solution: launch new features and applications on the iPhone, then push them out to other types of phones if customers like them,” Miller reports.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “lumi” for the heads up.]


  1. Sure, “multiple platforms will thrive”, but only when they all produce something the majority of people find easy to use, and when the emphasis is more obviously on what the user wants, not what some corporation somewhere wants. Even ‘enterprise’ users are humans first and foremost, and when it’s possible, they will choose something that they feel is their own, not just a company shackle.

  2. And HD-DVD was going to be the Format that killed Blu-Ray. HD-DVD players outsold Blu-Ray but in the end Software numbers when Blu-Ray so HD-DVD died. The iPhone and Apps Store keeps given/selling customers the Apps in one trackable location while RIM, MS and Android keep stumbling around in the dark customer’s are going to keep flocking to the iPhone faster then Apple can pump them out, the iPhone Platform will be bigger then then the rest combined and when you toss in the iPod touch platform the numbers will swell to a mountain the size of Everest to overcome. Nokia should go back to making cheap dumb phones before they invest too much in smart phones.

  3. Since the Blackberry is so widely accepted as the choice for business customers (for now), and one big reason they don’t like handing employees iPhones is because of the amount of non-work related features it has (games, music, movies, etc.)…

    Wouldn’t it hurt RIM if developers started to create all sorts of downloadable games and such for the Blackberry? It would turn the Blackberry into a crappy iPhone, and hurt RIM’s “business edge”.

    With consumers flocking to the iPhone, pushing IT departments to support the iPhone, etc., it seems that RIM is damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

    Lot’s of games and apps get made for Blackberry: RIM = Damned if they do.

    Nobody develops much new for the Blackberry and consumers continue to buy iPhones (and wonder why the hell their IT dept. won’t active their email!): RIM = Damned if they don’t.

  4. “He predicts a shakeout akin to the PC market and Microsoft’s Windows, with a clear leader emerging.”

    “Leader”? More like the Godfather making an offer you’d better not refuse. Refuse? There’s a word and a half for Windows.

  5. Sure, there may be 3 billion other phones out there, but how many of their owners will actually pay for software for that phone? My guess is that iPhone owners are far more likely to pay for software for thier iPhones than a WinMo or RIM user.

  6. “When they first sold automobiles, plenty of people still recommended investing in buggy whip manufacturing.”

    Those people were visionaries. They anticipated the burgeoning S & M industry. My grandfather got in on that. He was a kinky old dude.

  7. Who cares about the rest of them – here’s a need trick if you haven’t tried it. When you click on the camera button to take a picture, instead of holding the phone stead, start twisting it right away. You photo will end up twisted and warped, like a Salvador Dali painting. Neat.

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