Mossberg: Apple’s MobileMe far too flawed to be reliable

“After a week of intense testing of [Apple’s MobileMe] service, I can’t recommend it, at least not in its current state. It’s a great idea, but, as of now, MobileMe has too many flaws to keep its promises,” Walter S. Mossberg reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“I am not referring to the launch glitches that plagued MobileMe earlier this month, such as servers that couldn’t keep up with the traffic and email outages that, for some users, persist as I write this. Those were bad, but they have eased considerably. Apple already has apologized for them and is giving customers an extra 30 days on their subscriptions to make up for the poor start. The problems I am citing are systemic,” Mossberg reports.

“In my tests, using two Macs, two Dell computers and two iPhones, I ran into problem after problem. One big issue is that while changes made on the Web site or the iPhone are instantly pushed to the computers, changes made on computers are only synced every 15 minutes, at best. Apple has admitted that this is a problem, and says it is working on it,” Mossberg reports.

“If Apple does get MobileMe working smoothly, it could be a terrific service. But it’s way too ragged now,” Mossberg reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple screwed the pooch with their MobileMe launch. First impressions mean everything. See: Newton. It’s painfully obvious that heads should roll over this mess. To those responsible: you failed. Miserably. If Jobs hasn’t axed you yet, he should have. He probably wants you to try to fix it first, but, come on Steve: “Bozo Alert!” Get someone on this who knows what the hell they’re doing. Apple MobileMe employees: Don’t worry, it’ll be fine, we hear that Microsoft is looking for people; you’ll fit in just fine up there. In fact, so far, this whole MobileMe thing is positively Microsoftian, and that’s being overly kind.

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  1. Am I the only one who isn’t having problems with MobileMe? Okay, I get that “push” should not mean “in 15 minutes” but other than the cheap thrill of seeing a change pop up live on the screen, the service has lived up to my expectations. Before MobileMe, keeping my contacts and calendar sync’d by USB or through the old .Mac iSync system was a pain.

  2. I have the service and I like it. A LOT.

    Yeah there are some glitches, but 90% of the execution has been great in my test so far.

    Not sure I need sync more than every 15 mins, but yeah narrowing that down wouldn’t be bad.

    Still does stuff on my phone that it never did before. And I like it!

  3. Judging by the problems he said he had and the ones I know I had, I would say that Mossberg went rather easy on Apple here. MobileMe is simply a non-working service at this point.

    It’s impossible to gloss over that fact.

    If Microsoft were behind this mess, it would be a huuuge deal, but Apple is getting somewhat of a “pass” based on their (mostly) good performance previous to this fiasco.

  4. actually half of my calendars are subscriptions to other calendars which don’t get pushed through to my iphone.

    I can use the online version but it gives me problems in creating entries as it switches to the mobile version which doesn’t allow edits.

  5. Only problem I have is that my calendar when viewed on the web is all messed up. Times are wrong, events are moved.

    But on both the computer and the phone everything is exceptional.

    Oh and that there’s not a way to choose “All Calendars” as the default calendar on the iPhone.

    iCal suggests you split your calendar into work and home and then the phone makes you choose which is the default, as if people aren’t whole human beings.

    Now that I will say is very dumb. You can get it to view ALL, but if you reset or something like that, you only see half or less of your calendar.

    Thought I’d lost everything one day, but was just in a stupid default view.

    And still MobileMe rocks my world!

  6. I have had some problems with iDisk uploads. Also, the web app seems to freeze or quit. I get an error message saying that the script is taking to long to execute. I also want my bookmarks back in online form the way they were in dot mac. Apple, I love the new look, but the implementation sucks.

  7. I personally know 3 people who have NOT HAD ACCESS to any of their MobileMeEMAIL FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK! Apple, what the hell is GOING ON OVER THERE? NO EMAIL FOR 7 DAYS?! THIS IS RIDICULOUS AND NEEDS TO BE FIXED!

    I, myself, had ZERO ability to sync my MobileMe account until 2 days ago. At least that’s finally working for me, but not having email for 7 days? TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. Especially for a PAID SERVICE.

    Check out the postings on Apple’s Discussion Boards — people are literally losing business over this, because it is their only email account! I say it’s time to switch everything to Gmail and Google’s apps instead.


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