More ads coming soon to iPhone, iPod touch apps

“We haven’t spotted many ads so far in Apple’s two-week-old iPhone app platform. But that could change soon: Mobile ad network AdMob is opening its network up to iPhone app developers, and is giving away $1 million of free advertising to get developers to use it,” Dan Frommer reports for Silicon Alley Insider.

“The key difference between AdMob and other iPhone app-focused ad networks we’ve seen so far: It already has a host of big-name advertisers and publishers signed up,” Frommer reports.

More in the full article here.


  1. Ads that come with free apps would be acceptable, it’s free after all.

    If someone tries to put one in in an application that I paid for, I don’t care if it was only 99¢, I’d demand my money back. And then I’d give them zero stars in the app store feedback.

  2. Pocket Express uses the ads well. At the top of the page, centered and small. We don’t want them, but if I was a developer I would be sticking them in, especially if I were making free apps.

    No big deal, it’s the future of our mobile world.

  3. It would be nice if the App Store had time or usage limited demos for the iPhone apps that require payment. $9.99 for Tetris? I want to try it out first. Some of the reviews are coming from people haven’t even used the program (or people who are posting between juice and nap time).

  4. Pop-ups, pop-unders, malware, adware, & spyware…on your iPhone. What a concept!

    In a few months, I might be happy that AT&T;doesn’t do business in my state, depriving the population here of ad-infested “free” iPhone applications.

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