More ads coming soon to iPhone, iPod touch apps

“We haven’t spotted many ads so far in Apple’s two-week-old iPhone app platform. But that could change soon: Mobile ad network AdMob is opening its network up to iPhone app developers, and is giving away $1 million of free advertising to get developers to use it,” Dan Frommer reports for Silicon Alley Insider.

“The key difference between AdMob and other iPhone app-focused ad networks we’ve seen so far: It already has a host of big-name advertisers and publishers signed up,” Frommer reports.

More in the full article here.


  1. Yeah, I actually saw an add for the “South Park: Imaginationland” app this morning on G4… Surely the first of many, and while not exclusive to the iPhone, I believe that it was the iPhone 2.0 software that made such an ad a feasible marketing decision.

  2. I think the cost of the phone, the service, the apps, is more than enough to suffice. We don’t need to deal with advertisements as well. I for one don’t want to see my device riddled with advertisements. It will taint the experience big time.

  3. I hope they don’t but if ads to come to the iPhone it better not eat into my “data usage” or I’ll be pissed! FWIW: The banner ad at the bottom of the NYT App is awful! it would be better at the top of the screen.

  4. I think they’re talking about ads embedded in apps, not commercials one has to watch before accessing the app. At least I hope so. The free version of Twitterific, the Twitter iPhone app, runs an ad at the top of the page on your screen. The paid version of that app does not. Sounds liek we’ll be seeing more of that kind of thing.

  5. @ data usage

    Vote with your fingers. If you don’t like the ads, then don’t use the app. Since the market is new, if enough people did that *now* the ads will never gain a foothold.

    I opened the NYT app, saw the add, closed the app and pressed the little black x to delete it. You can do the same.

  6. The more ads I see for a product the less likely I am to buy it. More money spent on advertising is less on the product. I’m about as skinny as Steve Jobs – no junk food!

    MDN login not working correctly? It said I’m logged in but now says not.

  7. Personally,

    I like that some apps are available as lite apps for free maybe with limited functions and an ad or two. Then if i like it I can pay for it – ad free,

    Ads can be a good thing providing basically free software for iPhone users, instead of having to pay for it.

    Look at MDN, a cool site to see Mac news that is littered with ads. The alternative, each user pay to use the site.

  8. @Mac+ “They should bring on iWork and iWeb into MobileMe…”

    I couldn’t agree more – even if it was only limited edits (text only). I have a friend from Rolls Royce UK who has an HP smartphone under warranty that HP is refusing to fix or replace, so I told him to consider an iPhone. I know it views Word/Excel/PP/iWork, but he needs editing – the rest was fine.

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