‘Mac cloner’ Psystar’s headquarters put on the market, ‘priced for quick sale’

“If Mac clone maker Psystar manages to survive what’s sure to be an expensive copyright battle with Apple over its right to sell Mac clones, the company may need to find new headquarters — again,” Paul McDougall reports for InformationWeek.

“Internet real estate sites show that the building that houses Psystar — a Doral, Fla., property that is essentially a distribution warehouse — is on the market for $4.6 million,” McDougall reports.

“One ad for the property, which makes no mention of Psystar, notes that it’s a 47,000 sq. ft. ‘warehouse/office building.’ The ad boasts that the property is ‘priced for quick sale’ and adds that it includes ‘space for bulk, rack and bin storage, aisle space, receiving and shipping space, packing and crating space, and office space with bathrooms,'” McDougall reports.

“In other words, it’s perfect for assembling and shipping computers,” McDougall reports.

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  1. Apple BEWARE!!

    This sounds like carefully orchestrated trap if the clone maker actually owns the warehouse.

    Most likely it doesn’t, just rents it. Like many startup businesses do.

    So don’t read into this too much, commercial real estate is often for sale because it takes so long to get a buyer; the renters just change landlords.

    In fact it’s better for the seller of commercial real estate to have active paying tenants. Shows a rent roll which can be a asset.

    So this might have been the plan of the owners of the warehouse, but now forced into a fire sale because of the Apple lawsuit against their tenant.


  2. A quick look at the county assessors roles will tell you who owns the property. Owner(s) likely wanting to get out of the property. Just media wanting to make something of nothing.

  3. This probably doesn’t mean much for Psystar. If the buyer is a real-estate investor, they are interested in keeping the current tenants, because of the income from the lease agreements. The leases don’t expire just because the building changes hands.

  4. @Raving MacHead

    No! No! Apple… Be very AWARE!

    The buisness world can be a very treasonous place endeed.

    If you are a little paranoid… this whole “Psystar-buisness” was probably orchestraded by Microsoft from day one ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”cool hmm” style=”border:0;” /> Very secretly of cause and totally behind the scenes in order to challenge the the “BIG Apple” and its very foundation.

    They will of cause never admit that they have any contact with Psystar what so ever! Ence microsoft would lose nothing if Psystar loses the coming battle in court… But win big time if Psystar triumphs and opens pandoras box. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grrr” style=”border:0;” /> I hope not!

    I took a while… And understandebly so, for Apple to respond. that´s because this “battle” is VERY impotant and takes good preperation and a lot of muscle!

    Good luck Apple!

    Anyway… Apple should win this one!!! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue wink” style=”border:0;” />

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