Optus claims Aussie iPhone sales win; iPhone users claim Hutchison support

“Australia’s second biggest telco Optus today claimed to have captured the bulk of new sales for Apple’s 3G iPhone by offering better value deals than its competitors,” Australian Associated Press reports.

“”We’re very happy with the result for Optus – we think we’ve captured by far the lion’s share of the iPhone sales because we do have the best pricing models,” Optus director of government and corporate affairs Maha Krishnapillai said in an interview,” AAP reports.

“Optus is offering the iPhone at no upfront cost on a $79 cap plan for 24 months, or for a monthly fee on cheaper plans,” AAP reports. “By contrast, Vodafone is charging customers an upfront fee for the handset, while Telstra’s call and data limits will be much lower than its rivals.”

Full article here.

I a related story, Joseph Hanlon reports for ZDNet.com.au, “A number of Australians posting on online forums have claimed to be able to use their unlocked iPhone handsets on mobile carrier Hutchison’s network.”

“Hutchison itself has not yet confirmed whether the handsets will work on its “3” network. The telco is the only major Australian mobile carrier not to offer Apple’s new handset, which launched last week locally,” Hanlon reports.

“Members of online forum MacTalk.com.au claim to have completed the leg work and have posted details of the process, as well as screenshots showing the iPhone with 3 reception and access to 3’s mobile Web portal,” Hanlon reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]


  1. Competition is good for all.

    Who’d have thought GREECE would have won Euro 2004? Portugal, Spain, Germany, Italy, all thought they were going to win, no one thought Greece stood a chance, but they played superbly throughout the tournament and won in style!

    It made the European Big Teams wake up and realise they aren’t the powers they once were!!!

  2. Unfortunately, not only does T-mobile not have a 3G network (Or a very limited one, their web site is not really clear about it), but the plans start at $39. Unless you have a sidekick.. which has a $29 plan.. the same as the iPhone except using EDGE instead of 3G.

    Cellular networks are an expensive bit of infrastructure to build in the US. Expect to see this in your bill.

  3. @ Carlos
    “The only winner here its: The costumer.

    Nothing better than competition.”


    As a man who makes costumes for a living I look forward to being a winner ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  4. I couldn’t figure out what the cryptic headline to this article meant. I was thinking “Optus claims Aussie iPhone sales win WHAT?” and the second half made no sense to me at all. Maybe if I were an Aussie and had a different frame of reference, but I had to read the article to understand the headline.

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