Apple’s App Store a candy store for iPhone, iPod touch

“The App Store–oh, man, the App Store. It’s a candy store, dude. It’s 550 free or cheap add-on programs that make the iPhone (or the iPod Touch) do absolutely amazing things…stunts a cellphone has no right to perform,” David Pogue blogs for The New York Times.

“I haven’t been through all 550 programs yet. But I’ve already got some favorites,” Pogue writes. “Some are in the category I’d call “Features the iPhone Doesn’t Have By Itself.”

For example:
• Radio (AOL Radio, Pandora)
• Voice recording (Voice Record)
• Drawing program (Etch a Sketch)
• Instant messaging (AIM)
• Video recording (Coming soon: iPhoneVideoRecorder)
• Remote (Apple’s iTunes, Apple TV controller)
• Music identification (Shazam, Midomi)
• Games (Super MonkeyBall, Cro-Mag Rally)

Pogue writes that with the App Store, we’re witnessing Apple’s iPhone “blossom into an entirely new class of machine.”

Full article here.


  1. The breadth and width of the App Store shows just why John Doerr of KPCB was so emphatic last March about the iPhone being such a game changing new platform.

    I get lost in giddy revelry wandering through the candy store that is App Store. Its absolutely magic!

    Now, if only we had copy/paste, we’d really have a success on our hands.

  2. I can think of three apps that would take huge market share away from the competition:

    Sky Caddy
    Tom Tom/ Garmin

    These are all apps that traditionally run on proprietary hardware. These companies can now skip the hardware, sell on Apple’s platform, and enjoy bigger profits with less middlemen.

    Hell, even Kindle would probably do better in the app store than it does on Amazon.

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