iPhone Dev Team preps free unlocking tool for Apple iPhone 3G

“As previously revealed, the iPhone Dev Team have managed to jailbreak the iPhone 3G, and are now applying the final touches to a free unlocking tool,” Jonny Evans reports or Macworld UK.

“The team’s iPhone PWNAGE application is being updated to enable those who want to to unlock their iPhone, this can be in order to use the device on non-approved carrier networks (including pay-as-you-go networks) and/or in order to install non-approved third party applications on the Apple mobile,” Evans reports.

“The iPhone Dev Team last night published a video on the team development blog which showed the world’s first jailbroken iPhone 3G, running software installed by the team,” Evans reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Don’t forget that there are millions of unlocked 2G iPhones waiting to be upgraded to 2.0 firmware and unlocked. Those are guinea pigs then they head to unlocking iPhone 3G, just making sure it’s stable enough they worked on 2G first.

  2. If you waited in line for your iPhone 3G, then you have these little rat bastards to thank for it. If not for frigtards like the self-important iPhone Dev Team, we would have been able to quickly buy our phones in the store or online, and activate them at home. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! These idiots know better. They just have to hack everything. I REALLY enjoyed standing in line for four hours, and then going through another hour of getting through the in-store activation nightmare, and all because of these buttheads. Thanks for nothing, frigtards!

  3. No sense to jail break the 3G since you are going to pay for an AT&T;account no matter what. Makes no sense to go with another carrier and pay twice. Must be for first Generation iPhones only.
    Otherwise there are some really stupid people out there.

  4. John,

    It will soon be possible to buy a “no commitment” iphone 3g from AT&T;for full price so the utility is not just meant for 1st gen units. People who are on a tmobile contract may be interested in unlocking a new phone using this option.

  5. I think that the use for this is when you travel to another country, and you can pay a local pay-as-you go carrier, so your calls in the other country will be at the local rate, not INTERNATIONAL (much higher cost)

    And yes, for installing whatever application you may want to install that doesnt appear con the AppStore

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