Five things to love and 5 things to hate about Apple’s iPhone 3G

“Like many other technology junkies, I waited in line on Friday to get an iPhone 3G. By now, you’ve probably seen other reviews (here is PC Magazine’s and also those from the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and USA Today), so I just thought I’d give some personal experiences,” Michaal J. Miller blogs or PC Magazine.

Here are five things Miller really likes:
• The new applications
• Faster browsing
• Integrated GPS
• Wonderful music/video player (iPod)
• Safari Web browser

More love here.

Here are five things Miller hates:
• The Hype About Speed
• The lines to get one
• The iTunes installation (Windows)
• The Camera
• Limited options

More hate here.


  1. Bitch bitch. It’s the same thing as the 1st gen one except for the 3G and the GPS. I’m perfectly happy with mine 1st gen. I’ll wait until the 4G one comes out……..with the 8 megapixel camera and thought controls.

    But someone will find something to bitch about with that one too….

  2. Agree with all the “Love” items.

    My comments about the “Hate” stuff:

    What hype? It’s faster in 3G and the same as the old one in EDGE. I don’t spend all my time surfing on my phone, but I can do it acceptably well when I want to with my 3G iPhone.

    The line was fun. I stood in line for about 3 hours and had a great time chatting with those around me and trying to talk the young lady next to me up from 8G to 16G (didn’t work in the end)

    iTunes for Windows; well, it kinda goes like all Windows apps. Everything is more of a challenge on Windows.

    The camera is OK for a cell phone. I don’t expect to take a lot of photos with it. I’d be OK if they’d left it off. I take pics with my G9 and photos with my 5D.

    Non-replaceable battery – keeps batteries out of landfills and I think that’s great! I can buy an add-on battery pack for more time. (And yes, I DO travel with my iPhone, quite a lot).

    Lack of an expansion card slot – haven’t filled one up yet, so it wouldn’t do be a bit of good.

  3. Update on camera;

    I might PREFER it without the camera. Every had to visit a manufacturing facility that will not allow cameras? You have to leave your phone with security and be without as long as you are there.

    And some COUNTRIES ban cameras in specific locations, so carrying your iPhone in to a restroom, for example, is against the law.

    I kind of think that phones shouldn’t have cameras – makes it too easy to violate privacy.

  4. My biggest gripe: Missed calls because the phone doesn’t beep at you at periodic intervals when you’ve missed a call or message.

    I’m supposed to check my phone after I’ve been away from it to see if I’ve missed a call? That’s not what I had in mind when I bought it. It’s supposed to remind ME, not the other way around.

    C’mon Steve, gemme a beep.

  5. Whether you agree with him or not, he backed up his gripes on iTunes, the camera, and limited options. But speed and long lines? Come on, it’s like he ran out of things to complain.

    Speed is a function of the network too. iPhone supports 3G network, that’s it. iPhone can’t make servers go faster. If the data throughput is not good in his area, that’s not an iPhone problem.

    Long lines? Really! I don’t know if Apple touted waiting in line as a feature of iPhone 3G. FWIW, the long lines happened because of the pent up demand. It’s not going to be a permanent issue and it has nothing to do with how iPhone 3G works.

  6. I’d love to be able to have one to gripe about; closest Apple Store is 3+ hours, and the AT&T;stores “don’t know when they’ll get more… maybe next week.”


    Why couldn’t I buy one at the Apple Store online and activate with the local AT&T;thugs?

  7. It’s all about trade offs. If you want a better camera or a removable battery you have to have a bigger, less beautiful phone. It’s OK to criticize specific aspects of the iPhone so long as you explain the price that needs to be paid to fix the problem. Sometimes the feature is not worth the price.

    Saying that you want the iPhone to have a better camera, a removable battery, etc and for it to remain small sleek and elegant is saying that you don’t want reality to exist. It’s not fair and it’s not going to happen.

  8. Oh, no…iTunes! OMFG!!! Blah blah blah

    The camera is fine is fine. It is better than the majority of cell phone cameras. I wouldn’t mind 3 megapixels or a better lens. There are better smartphone cameras, but hardly something to “hate”.

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