Apple demands recall of all Psystar ‘Mac clones’ sold to date

“Apple is asking a court to order Miami-based Psystar to stop making unauthorized Mac clones and to recall all of the systems it has sold to customers since it began offering them for public sale in April,” Paul McDougall reports for InformationWeek.

“In a lawsuit filed against Psystar in federal court, Apple is seeking an order ‘requiring Psystar to recall all such products sold to the public as a result of Psystar’s infringement of Apple’s copyrights,'” McDougall reports.

“It’s not immediately clear whether Psystar could legally compel its customers to give return their systems. But the clones may not be of much use for long if Psystar is forced out of business and is unable to support them,” McDougall reports.

“Psystar’s Web site was offline as of Wednesday morning,” McDougall reports.

“Apple is charging Psystar with violating its copyrights and weakening its brand image. ‘By misappropriating Apple’s proprietary software and intellectual property for its own use, Psystar’s actions harm consumers by selling them a poor product that is advertised and promoted in a manner that falsely and unfairly implies an affiliation with Apple,’ the company said in its complaint,” McDougall reports.

“Apple also charged Psystar with illegally copying, modifying, and redistributing some of its products. The 18-page complaint outlines a total of 10 charges against Psystar. Psystar officials did not return a call seeking comment,” McDougall reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Psystar’s going to have to rename the company “Smoking Crater” when this is all said and done. Our advice to Psystar: Begin applying for Superfund status immediately.


  1. “I find it hard to believe that any customer assumed PyStar was affiliated with Apple.”

    You greatly overestimate the intelligence of their customers.

    (I’d suggest checking out their funny forums but either the Psystar site is slashdotted or shutting down. The Wayback Machine may be the only way.)

  2. If there are people out there who think Windows is just as good as OS X, then there is no limit to the crap people choose to believe. People want cheap, but are surprised when they get what they pay for.

  3. I hear Apple is planning to turn Psystar HQ into a nature preserve for big cats. However “outside” sources say their feeding and physical activity plans for the Tigers, Panthers and Leopards have not been planned past Friday afternoon.

    “Inside” sources at the new preserve report their faces are being clawed off.

  4. Well, we all know that Psystar is not long for this world. However, it will be interesting to see what happens to the founders/owners of the company. Will they be personally held liable? Or did they incorporate, so maybe they won’t be responsible. If they made a pile o’ money in salary over the last few months, and then the company goes out of business, they may not care. They made their share. However, if they are somehow personally responsible, then it wasn’t worth their efforts. Perhaps MDN can get us the scoop?

  5. Psystar is a scam company that the Florida AG’s Office should have closed days after it opened for business. The first Court meeting is on October 22nd. My guess is on October 21st, they just disappear and they do not attend the case management conference, nor do they respond to Apple Complaint.

    By November 15, or sooner Apple files a motion for summery judgement and a permanent injunction to stop Psystar or any of the owners derivatives, distributors or associates from creating Mac Clones in the future. And Apple will have the court impound all the companies and it’s owners assets.

    By January 1st, is when the Florida AGs office will finally get involved as consumer complaints start to roll in about defective systems and undelivered systems. With no response from the company Psystar (P!ssT!rd).

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