Apple preps iPhone Software 2.0.1

“Apple is already testing the first maintenance and security updates for version 2.0 of its iPhone Software that aim to improve performance and fix a number of outstanding bugs,” Sam Oliver reports for AppleInsider.

“The updates, which revealed themselves as iPhone Software 2.0.1 in the Apache server logs at BGR, are currently making the rounds in the form of two distinct builds: build 5B101 for first-generation iPhones and build 5B103 for the new 3G iPhones,” Oliver reports.

“Although Apple began testing the updates prior to the official release of iPhone Software v2.0 on Friday, neither have made their way into the hands of iPhone developers,” Oliver reports.

Full article here.


  1. When is the new PwnageTool 2.0 will be publish? I want to use iPhone 2.0, still with the first gen iPhone (on version 1.3, I did not updated to version 1.4 because I did not see much benefit).

  2. Wow this is the Duh story of the day.. Im sure they are always working on bug fixes etc. even before the product ships. You don’t think that they made all of those iPhone 3G’s overnight do you?

    In other news firefighters are filling their trucks with water for the next fire.

  3. MDN really needs a general message board. But since it doesn’t have one, I’ll just post a semi off topic question and see if I get an answer….

    I want buy a Altec Lansing’s T612 for my desk at work. Anyone here know if it will work with AOL Radio and Pandora????

    Thanks in advance…

  4. Actually firefighters DO fill their trucks with water. Almost all engines carry some amount of water. Ever heard of a dry hydrant? How about an area that isn’t serviced by hydrants? In such cases, until water shuttling operations get underway, water on trucks is used.

  5. I’ve gone through the Apple fanboy circuits and the problems seem to be few in number for some and many for others.

    I fall into the latter group. Sluggishness, hard resets needed almost once a day.

    My cursor disappears at random when typing in Safari.

    Whenever I shuffle through my tabs in Safari, the little window shows an image of the page as if it’s still loaded there but then when I expand it, it disappears and starts to load. It used to be a blank white screen so maybe that’s a step forward?

    Navigating the App Store is a pain, frequently requiring a force quit or a hard reset if that doesn’t work.

    The camera takes what feels like 10 seconds to open.

    My signal bars used to be pretty stable but now they fluctuate often and a lot of the time shows no reception even if I can still make a call.

    When I watch a movie and touch the screen, the video controls interlay will pop up with the status bar lagging a second or two behind. Sometimes it won’t show at all, or a piece of the status bar might be missing. It’s real spastic instead of the way they used to appear smoothly in unison.

    And there’s a few other things but you get my drift.

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