Wired reviews Apple iPhone 3G: impressively useful, well-thought-out device; a worthy upgrade

“The iPhone 3G is a worthy upgrade to Apple’s smartphone, and fixes a few flaws that kept many people from buying the first version,” Dylan Tweney reports for Wired.

“The addition of fast 3G wireless data, GPS and a more flexible, extensible operating system mean the iPhone is now entirely competitive with almost every other smartphone on the market. And its new, lower purchase price will remove the final obstacle to purchase for many people. In short, this phone is about to become very, very popular, as it deserves to be,” Tweney reports.

“It feels substantially thinner, thanks to tapered edges, which make it sit more comfortably in the hand… The screen and 2-megapixel camera are identical to those in the older iPhone, but the external speakers are much improved. Call quality was noticeably clearer in our initial tests,” Tweney reports. “The addition of a GPS receiver is a welcome enhancement. The iPhone OS can now use a combination of GPS data and triangulation from WiFi hotspots and cell-tower locations to establish its location. This feature has worked well in our testing so far, and we expect its usefulness to expand as an increasing number of applications start to take advantage of it.”

“The most innovative and compelling feature of the new iPhone has nothing to do with the hardware — it’s a software upgrade… The App Store contained within the iPhone 2.0 operating system transforms the iPhone/iPod touch from mere devices into a full-blown platform, massively multiplying their usefulness by providing a wide array of new applications. There are more than 550 apps available in the App Store so far… And Apple has really nailed the customer experience here. Browsing, purchasing and downloading mobile software has never been easier,” Tweney reports.

Apple’s iPhone 3G “is an impressively useful, well-thought-out device, and comes at a reasonable price. Add in the growing array of software in the iTunes App Store, and you have a device that will get more useful, not less useful, with time. You can’t say that about most other phones,” Tweney reports.

Full review here.


  1. I don’t get it. I’ve downloaded 54 free and paid games yet the total space taken is only 146 M. I have 16 G iTouch, but maybe even the 8 G will be fine for most people. The largest app I have is 31 M and the smallest is 52 K, but seem about 1 M or less in size.

    The low cost means I have bought many more apps than normal and don’t feel ripped off if they don’t suit my needs in the end.

  2. About that pop-up: The ad appeared here even though the Safari pop-up blocker was toggled on. The first time was an annoyance. The second time it appeared (after MDN kindly indicated via e-mail that the ad was out of commission), I had other suspicions. I eventually found cookies installed by the ad and deleted them.

    If that ad is still getting to you, here’s what you might try: Next time you see the ad, take note of the internet address. I seem to recall that it was http://www.scan-(something or other).

    In Safari, go to Preferences>ShowCookies. Order by expiration date. Among the last dozen or so cookies, delete any address matching the domain name of the ad. To be more thorough, delete any cookie address whose domain name you don’t recognize (or don’t have reason to trust). Order alphabetically by name and check names in the alphabetized list. If you see the ad’s domain name listed, delete that cookie.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Can we put some perspective into all of the this? The App Store is a great idea, but the content is lame. A couple of dumb-ass games, Solitare, the Bible (!) and to-do lists. My life goes on, unchanged.

    Care factor is very low.

  4. As if the MobileMe name/look (not service/features) isn’t gay enough, the MobileMe hard drive icon when you connect via Mac is a faggy purpleish-pink, replacing the cool blue .Mac icon!!! I can’t believe it Apple!!!

  5. I absolutely agree about the super annoying pop-up ads in MDN! I use FF3 on my Mac and I HAVE pop-up blocking. But somehow these SHIT ASS FCKING ads appear in the background of the main browser window and I see them when I close FF… AND! These are no normal ads, these are the worst “smiley-10000-th-visitor-vista” crap ads!!!!!! THE ABSOLUTE WORST!!!! Shame on MDN!!!

  6. too bad the FF3 pop-up blocker isn’t a pop-under blocker. What’s the point of a pop-under anyway, since you never see it until closing the browser, and then it makes you pissed that it was sitting there the whole time… Now I’m forced to checking the Window menu in my browser to see if some rogue pop-under has gotten under my skin. When I do see one, it’s usually telling me how ‘dumb’ I am, or some other crap, and all I can think of to do is close it with lightning speed, while fuming just a bit. Who in their right mind would ever consider this shit to be effective advertising? Probably some smart-ass MBA advertising graduate – but education isn’t everything, because alienation of any potential customer is about all they’re managing to pull off.

    Come on, MDN… use some common sense here. Visitor irritation doesn’t make you any friends.

  7. i really lik the design of the new iphone. it does feel a little bit lighter, and I like the thinner chrome bezel and the black framing around the sides of the screen, wheras the 1st gen ones lcd went all the way to the side of the bezel. The only problem i have found, and it may be just my iphone, is with the call quality when using the headphones. It does not seem to work as well for me as the first gen one. I am happy with my new one though, especially after dropping my old one and smashing the LCD screen. It is nice to have my third child back.

  8. stop being an ass MDN.

    How can you preach about msoft when your site is exactly the type of shit msoft tries to do.. with their zune, buying yahoo.. etc. all for intrusive ads.

    more and more mac sites are popping up- and yours is looking shittier and shittier.. being first doesn’t mean shit when yours sucks.

    Wanna advertise in a nice popular manner- take cues from google.

  9. The app store is the ‘killer’ app.

    In this area alone no other mobile phone maker can compete.

    The app store has enabled my iphone into a device I will use for many years too come.

    And if you need to delete an app it couldnt be easier from your iphone – just press on the icon and when the ‘x’ appears in the corner, press the ‘x’ and voila – the app is deleted.

    It couldnt be any easier!

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