Hundreds line up for Apple’s new iPhone 3G in Copenhagen (with video)

Wanna see over 400 people waiting in line at night for Apple’s new iPhone 3G in Copenhagen, Denmark?

Okay. Here ya go:

Direct link to video via YouTube here.


  1. In those dark Gil Amelio days, before the return of Steve Jobs, how many of us could have conceived of a day where hundreds of thousands of people worldwide would be lining up for an Apple product and emptying the inventory in just hours. It is truly phenomenal what Jobs and Apple have been able to accomplish in the last decade.

  2. Yes, and the thought brings tears. Those were some very dark days. We sat in our office wondering when we were going to have to switch to windows. I tell people all the time I’d be digging ditches if not for Jobs, love him or hate him…

  3. $1160 for an “unlocked” 8 Gig iPhone
    $1265 for an “unlocked” 16 Gig iPhone

    AND you still have to pay telia (the sole provider in denmark) for six months ($126/month)… even if you don’t use their services on your “unlocked” iPhone!

    that ads another $756 to the bill… that totals to $1916 for the “cheapest” iPhone in denmark!!

    denmark has unequaled the most expansive iPhones in the world. not belgium.

    telia is greedy beyond decency. and apple doesn’t seems to mind.

  4. Emeryville, CA Bay Street Apple Store 6:30pm today. I was not allowed entry into the store. I was told only those on line for the iPhone may enter tonight. I said I was just going to look at the display iPhone and buy at another time. No entry allowed. I asked if can I look at a MBP or Mac Pro system ondisplay. No entry allowed. I told him I was a shareholder and it seemed wrong not to let customers look at merchandise or, god forbid, buy a high margin MBP or Mac Pro system. No entry allowed. All store resources are being used for the people on line for the iPhone.

    Has this happened anywhere else? Do you think this policy is fair? Couldn’t they have 2 or 3 staff dedicated to other Apple customers? The non-iPhone buyer or browser was out of luck in Emeryville, CA tonight.

  5. MIke,
    You need to understand something very basic. Being an Apple shareholder gives you no rights whatsoever to demand anything at a store. You do not own any Apple assets other than a claim on the equity in Apple Inc. and that’s a very different entity from the brick and motar stores and anything inside them. People with your arrogant and misinformed sense of rightness based on incomplete understanding of your legal position just annoy other customers and Apple staff to no end. If you want to act informed, be truly informed.

    If you want to be legally arrogant about it, those poor Apple employees at Emeryville who haven’t properly slept in days only to suffer from your needless petulance rank ahead of you in any legal process.

  6. is the world just filled worth of pricks lately that didn’t have a father to beat the shit out them to teach them RESPECT!!!!

    1 – respect is deserved for apple making something this popular in a impatient world we now live in

    2 – if ya dont like apple, enjoy the other choices…

    3 – i agree with the shareholder’s view to a point, apple should still allow it’s other customers the access to the rest of the store, i would point more to bad management than bad policy

    4 – lastly, respect one another… we all share the same goals in live.. to be happy.. so chill out

  7. Btw, after standing in line for around 2:30 hours, and after 100 customers, the iPhone 3G 16GB black was sold out !!
    (so went to next store, opening 6 hours later… ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> )

  8. @Tazem
    Are you the guy that works at the Emeryville Store? Go back and read my comments. I was, as a shareholder, questioning the logic or policy of not allowing sales of possibly higher margin products and a way to illustrate the folly of the policy implemented last night. I did not pull out of my pocket my eTrade statement to gain access or favor as you seem to infer from my first post.

    Oh, and thank you for that very basic understanding you gave me. Mostly about your personality.

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