Massive demand affects Apple’s iTunes Store, iPhone and iPod touch 2.0 updates, MobileMe service

Massive demand on Apple’s servers today are causing MobileMe to act slowly/intermittently, iPhone/iPod touch 2.0 software to be available one moment and not the next, while the iTunes Store seems to be overloaded.

Our sources confirm that Apple is working on the issues and that huge (“unprecedented”) server demand is most likely the cause.

Are you experiencing difficulties with any or all of the above, too?


  1. I’m still waiting for the 2.0 software to be officially available (or for the Applications tab to show up when I try to sync my first-gen iPhone). I hope it won’t be long, since I have plenty of apps waiting to be tried out!

  2. I am having problems. I got the download, but can not get the itune store to come up (it comes up via the store button, but not when using the iphone button.

    No phone–>I can’t call my mother–>apple is anti family

  3. I was able to play with my calendar, then waiting for the email, I quit until later. Too slow.

    This is great. This means the tsunami has started! My Zune-carrying buddy is going to buy an iPhone after work today (if they have any left).

  4. 2.0 software downloaded fine from , but we’re now getting “Error in iTunes Store (-98380) which results in the phone not being able to be “authorized”. Completely unable to access iTunes store at all.

  5. took me an hour to update the software on my first gen iphone. Anytime in the process that it had to “access itunes store” it would hang up forever…. it eventually kicked in and finished the install. the upgrade is awesome!

  6. Hard to see how this could genuinely be unprecedented. They’ve had some pretty big server days in the past, if memory serves. And never anything like this sort of complete, multiple-day, multiple-product screwup.

  7. I just updated my iPhone gen 1 over iTunes … the process worked beautifully, until the activation process… I found my self waiting for 1/2 hour with an “Accessing iTunes Store” progress bar at the top of iTunes…

    I disconnected the iPhone and reconnected it… only to find myself now receiving an error message…

    I waited… reconnected the iPhone… I now have an “Accessing iTunes Store” progress bar at the top of iTunes…

    I guess this is better than an error message…

    My iPhone is presently waiting to be activated…

    Sheesh ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”confused” style=”border:0;” />

  8. It’s been close to two hours getting from “no service” to “slow service”. Sure, it’s an improvement, but it still leaves a LOT to be desired.
    Bill, this is not – NOT – the service level I’ve come to expect over the past several years of .Mac use. I do hope they are installing new servers as fast as they can get them in the door.

  9. I uploaded the OS 2.0 software last night using the “hidden” link that other Mac sites talked about. I was able to update the firmware, set up “Mobile Me” (I’m a .mac subscriber), sync to Mobile Me, set up push on the iPhone and even set up my Exchange email (which works perfectly as a “pull” service even though my company doesn’t support ActiveSync.)

    Everything worked just fine. I guess “jumping the line” was the right strategy.

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