Use Apple’s MobileMe push email with any email address

“You can set up MobileMe to use any email address as a ‘push’ email on the iPhone. The first thing you need to do is set your non-MobileMe (.Mac) email address for auto-forward to your MobileMe (.Mac) account,” dallas2xist reports for macosxhints.

“When you create the email account, make sure you set it up as Other (not as a .Mac or MobileMe account.) Then select IMAP as the type of account. Enter the name and auto-forwarded email address,” dallas2xist reports. “(This is the email address that will show as the “From” email, even though you’re using your MobileMe account.)”

dallas2xist reports, “For your mail server settings, use your MobileMe settings [and you’ll be] able to receive ‘push’ email from your non-MobileMe account, and reply without using the address. (You can use those same settings in the Mail App as well.)”

More details in the full article here.


  1. @here ya go

    Unless I’m missing something, the link you give shows an iPhone accessing a FileMaker database served over the web … which is really nothing revolutionary.

    I think what we’d get more excited about is an iPhone native version of FileMaker in the app store. Now THAT would be news!

  2. As far as being a moron, I’m simply pointing out that the mobileme launch (which has happened AAPLguy, wake up) is not functioning properly…One cannot sign in, one cannot use “Back To My Mac”, etc…this is almost 24 hours since .Mac was taken offline…MDN just doesn’t have an article because they are loathe to criticize Apple.

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