Truphone native Voice over IP client for iPhone now available via Apple’s App Store

Designed to provide low-priced international calls for Apple iPhone users worldwide, Truphone for the iPhone hit Apple’s App Store today. The application, which enables mobile internet calls using the iPhone’s Wi-Fi capability, is available to download initially free of charge.

Making a call using Truphone for the iPhone is the same as usual: a single touch to open the dialer, dial the number or choose from the iPhone’s own address book, and a touch to start the call.

Truphone for the iPhone is a focused, fast and lightweight application, in line with the type of applications Mac users expect. Complying with iPhone and Apple user interface standards, the application is a native Voice over IP client running on normal, unmodified iPhones and was developed from the ground up using Apple’s Software Developer Kit.

James Tagg, Truphone’s CEO, said in the press release, “Our mission with Truphone for the iPhone was to provide better value international calls for regular iPhone users, whether they’re calling internationally or avoiding roaming charges when making calls from abroad. Since there’s no risk involved – no monthly subscriptions or other charges – we hope it will be the obvious application for smart iPhone users to use for their international calls. It is the real deal: a native VoIP client for the iPhone, developed with Apple’s own SDK. There are millions of iPhones in circulation, all with an identical operating system – it’s a terrific market opportunity.”

Truphone’s CTO and project leader Alistair Campbell said in the press release, “We set out to create an application that is as Apple-like as possible: fast, lightweight and focused. That’s what we’ve done and it works brilliantly, exactly like a seasoned Apple-user would expect.”

When making a Truphone call from the iPhone, the caller ID that is presented is that of the iPhone’s SIM card, enabling the recipient easily to return a call.

See a video Truphone on the iPhone here.

More information about Truphone via Apple’s App Store here.

Calls to other Truphone users are always free. From wherever. To wherever. It doesn’t matter if you’re calling someone in another continent or just down the road. If it’s WiFi to WiFi it’s always free.

Truphone’s international rates are here.


  1. Ok, got it, thanks Tired of Retards.

    Err … should I pretend about an Audio-technicia Omni-Directional Boundary Microphone or the Koss Monaural Headset with Noise Canceling Microphone?

    Hold the bus! I’m going to pretend it’s an iMicroPhone, there’re one of the cheapest ones about.

    Thanks again Tired of Retards, now I’m up and running and got me-self a good deal!

    However, I now need an iPod Touch in-car kit for my pretend 78 AMC Pacer.

  2. Brad,

    They make microphones for the iPod Touch but they are rare (mostly home grown) and I will be surprised if it works with this. The 3rd party iPod Touch microphone will have to connect via the dock connector on the bottom. The headphone jack does not have the electrical connectors for a mic. I would just wait a while. With these VoIP apps available more of these mics will be available.

  3. … and I have an iPhone. I’ve downloaded the Truphone app too [plus lots of other goodies]. I’m just waiting for 2.0 to be released today [in NYC] and I’m a happy puppy.

    Shame my dotmac still isn’t up and running though…

  4. We need a VOIP client that works over the cellular network.

    Yes, the carriers demanded that Apple block this from the App Store, but that is like the buggy whip manufacturers getting away with insisting that the car manufacturers not interfere with their business.

    In the meantime, hello jailbreak…

    Oh, and the pricing had better match Skype.

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