RUMOR: RIM’s BlackBerry Thunder is FUBAR, a joke; nowhere near ready for release

The Boy Genius Report says that a summer launch for the BlackBerry Thunder may be delayed due to software and hardware design issues, according to a Research in Motion insider.

Yet another iPhone lookalike-not-workalike device, the first touchscreen BlackBerry is described as “in no way shape or form” ready for market debut and has glaring bugs that include an incredibly annoying touchscreen keyboard, a buggy interface, a touchscreen that ripples when touched, and an accelerometer that goes “bonkers” when the device is moved.

The source told BGR that “If Bold was any indication, Thunder won’t be ready for at least another 4-5 months.”

“Most of the people who have handled it thinks it’s a joke,” the source says.

Full article here.

This is a rumor, but, if true, it unsurprisingly sounds as if yet another “iPhone Killer” will be DOA.


  1. classic. RIM is dead. They should shut down and return the money to shareholders. seriously, a little too early to call this one DOA. what did walt mossberg say about the new iphone’s battery life? could barely get through the day – and sometimes didn’t? this is far more important than whether the thunder is having pre-release issues…

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