Carphone Warehouse: iPhone 3G currently out-of-stock due to huge demand

Carphone Warehouse, Europe’s leading independent retailer of mobile phones and services, with over 2,400 stores in 9 countries, is stating in a message posted on the company’s website that they’re out of stock on Apple’s iPhone 3G:

Due to huge demand, we’re currently out of stock online. Come back on 11 July.

“‘We have seen unprecedented demand, it’s hugely popular,’ a spokesman said. The retailer, which has made the gadget available on pre-order, has more iPhones that will be available for delivery on the following days,” Aude Lagorce reports for MarketWatch.

Brief article here.


  1. As I said on a post yesterday, 500,000 in the US over the first weekend would be good – Apple Stores are geared to deliver is apparently geared to deliver over 220,000 phones on the first day alone

    If they do another 500K in Europe (75K each in UK, Germany, France and the other 275K spread around the continent) and again in Asia, that would be just peachy.

  2. My name says “MacHead” not “iPhoneHead”

    Wake me up when it’s over.

    I can’t use the iPhone because my fingers are too big for the keyboard and I can’t see the itsy bitty webpages because the screen is too small.

    Blowing up the pages just makes me accidentially hit links.

    IMMO, the iPhone blows. The security is terrible on them as well.

    *kisses 15″ MacBook Pro with matte screen*

  3. Marc: “Seems to me the title should say “iPhone 3G currently out-of-stock because it has not been released yet.”

    The article mentioned “The retailer, which has made the gadget available on pre-order“. You can interpret out of stock online as the pre-orders already cleaning up the iPhone 3G allocated to Carphone Warehouse.

    Curiously, they could have continued taking pre-orders and shipped the iPhone later. It is normal for pre-orders to take a while to be shipped. There is no difference between pre-ordering now and ordering on Friday because you’ve got to wait anyway. I suspect Carphone Warehouse is taking this opportunity to hype up iPhone by making it clear that it is a desirable object and already sold out before it is even released.

  4. “I can’t use the iPhone because my fingers are too big for the keyboard and I can’t see the itsy bitty webpages because the screen is too small.”

    Well, that really sucks.
    Once again Apple has lost the sales of two products from the endomorph market.

    This is truly a dark moment in their corporate history.

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  5. Why do people think there is a supply problem.

    You have to wait 2 more days to get a quality product from Apple. You’ll have to wait another 2 relaeses (6 years) before you’ll get anything like this from Microsoft.

    Now that’s a supply problem!

  6. @Raving MacHead

    I think by now everyone knows your opinion on the iPhone. Really not necessary to tell us every day. If Apple misses their sales goal by one unit, we’ll know why.

    I have one and love it. And I think most people who have them concur. It’s not for everyone, but it must be right for a whole buttload of people.

  7. I the distribution business you never have enough if you have a single back order – apple will have back orders on this item, that’s a fact. Lets just hope they learned from the initial iPhone release and have between 1-2 million in stock around the wrold. If they don’t have over a million shipped around the world the stock price will reflect it on Monday.

    I’ve looked but have had no success – I don’t beleive Apple has said how many they have in stock have they?

  8. Raving MacHead,

    Here is a tip for those giganto fingers of yours. Two times a day slather those swollen sausages with Preparation H. Within two to three weeks they will be dainty enough to use the keyboard on an iPhone.

    Oh, and while you are at it, rub a little on your lips and gums. It will work wonders for that big mouth of yours.

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