Jonny’s Quest: Man fronts Vodafone NZ line to be first in world to get Apple iPhone 3G (with photos)

Meet Jonny Gladwell from Auckland, New Zealand.

He’s pitched his tent and stands at the head of a line (of one, so far) outside the Queen Street Vodafone shop in Auckland where he hopes to become the first man in the world to buy an Apple iPhone 3G.

iPhone 3G will be launching in New Zealand at 12:01am on the morning of Friday, July 11th (5:01am PDT / 8:01am EDT / 1:01pm London time on July 10th).

Thanks to MacDailyNews reader Darryl Carey for snapping these photos and letting us know about Jonny’s Quest, so to speak.

Think that’s something? Take a look at Vodafone’s New Zealand pricing:

• iPhone 250MB Data, 120 min. talk= US$414 for 8GB iPhone, US$527 for 16GB iPhone, US$60/mo.
• iPhone 500MB Data, 250 min. talk = US$339 for 8GB iPhone, US$452 for 16GB iPhone, US$98/mo.
• iPhone 1GB Data, 600 min. talk = US$150 for 8GB iPhone, US$263 for 16GB iPhone, US$189/mo.

• iPhone Only = US$739 for 8GB iPhone, US$852 for 16GB iPhone


  1. I bet Steve Jobs already has one, so sorry, he won’t be first. But he got his 15 seconds of fame.

    When the first iPhone was released last year, I walked into the Biltmore Apple Store in Phoenix and bought my iPhone the day after it was released. No line, although the store was pretty busy. Anyone who’s waiting in line is wasting their time. Apple will have plenty of iPhones on Friday and the days after.

  2. Apple should give him one for free, and the publicity will help ensure long, early forming lines in the future.

    Or they could offer him a “Zune” for his place in line, and when he says “No”, they could use it for their next commercial.

    Or they could offer him a windows mobile phone and when he says “No”….

    Shiller has the easiest job on the planet!!

  3. I really, really hope he uses his 15mins of fame to have a crack at Vodafone for inflicting the WORLDS HIGHEST iPhone prices on NZ. Outrageous – Vodafone NZ make Rogers plans seem generous.

  4. @ bizlaw FAIL!

    “… he hopes to become the first man in the world to BUY an Apple iPhone 3G …”

    Steve Jobs gets his for free.

    I sure hope “bizlaw” doesn’t mean you are practising to become a business lawyer as lawyers need to be a bit sharper on the details of written statements. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  5. “But, then again gas (petrol) is $2.12/litre = $8.03/gallon and kiwis still drive cars. “

    Actually it’s $2.18.9/ltr now !!!! nearly went though a red light when I saw it.

    p.s the girl in the spiked heel’s is my Girlfriend

  6. The best part about this story is the fact THE GUY HAS A TENT UP. And right behind that tent is a sign that says HOTEL! I think he has it wrong. Just put a cardboard cut out and sleep in the hotel with room service for crying outloud.

    Do you think if he paid enough, the hotel would bring him room service?

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