Big crowd helps Apple open largest retail store in Canada at West Edmonton Mall

“Hoots, hollers, high-fives and a lineup hundreds of people long sounds like Commonwealth Stadium on game day,” Rosemary Westwood reports for The Edmonton Journal.

MacDailyNews Take: What, no “ehs?”

“But that was the scene outside Edmonton’s new Apple Store at 10 a.m. Saturday as the tech giant opened its sixth and largest Canadian outlet to anxious fans,” Westwood reports. “More than 600 people packed the 6,000-square-foot West Edmonton Mall location within the first hour, cheering along with Apple Store staff, while still more waited in line.”

Westwood reports, “Daniel Bell, the first in line, had been camping out since Friday morning but most shoppers arrived early Saturday to claim a spot and a free T-shirt for being one of the first 1,000 people in the store.”

“The lineup jammed the corridors of the mall’s upper level and confused some shoppers unaware of what the opening of an Apple Store means for loyalists like Jeremy Poley, who sported a Mac Geek T-shirt and Apple baseball cap,” Westwood reports.

MacDailyNews Take: Ah, there’s the “ehs,” eh.

Full article here.

Vue Weekly has posted video of the grand opening via YouTube:

Direct link via YouTube here.

Flickr user jon-lin has posted still photos from the grand opening celebration here.


  1. I lived in North Dakota for a while, not too far from Alberta. Good people up there in the frozen tundra. Does not surprise me one bit that such a big crowd showed up!

  2. “… as the tech giant opened its sixth and largest Canadian outlet to anxious fans.”

    Actually, the outlet was opened to EAGER Apple fans. If it had been a Dell or Microsoft store, the attendees would have been ANXIOUS.

    Eager = having or showing keen interest
    Anxious = characterized by extreme uneasiness of mind or brooding fear about some contingency

    You’re a writer, Rosemary. Words are your tools. USE THEM ACCURATELY!

  3. @r

    One more thing . . . you’re just SO, SO superior to the rest of the world, now aren’t you? Star Wars fans, Harry Potter fans, Apple fans, and the like are just t-o-o unsophisticated and rough-edged for you and your kind, eh? Everyone but you should “get a life,” you say here. Well, now, which one should we get. YOURS? Damn, but I think most of the planet will pass on that, little r. Some people have extraordinary passion about such things. Some people truly enjoy eccentric moments such as these. Of course, someone as “elite” as you wouldn’t understand that. So, back to the library with you. Begone. Your sherry awaits in the drawing room.

  4. Where’s our Calgary Apple Store dammit!! Nonetheless I now have an excuse to go up to Edmonton…hopefully this summer. Pretty sweet to finally have an Apple Store that’s not too far away!

  5. sorry for insulting you randian. how was it? was it fun giving store clerks a high five, screaming and shouting and getting a free t-shirt? what extraordinary passionate moment in your life: a new store opened! and yes i would prefer reading to attending a store-opening. but that is only me, because obviously you consider reading elitist. as steve jobs alraedy said: people don’t read anymore…

    p.s. but i admit, i am not better than you, i insult people i don’t know on the internet … oh … i should get a life, too.

  6. Canadian sentence: “Nice weather, eh?”
    American Sentence: “Nice weather, huh?”
    British Sentence: “Nice weather, eh?” (short ‘e’)
    Japanese Sentence: “ii tenki, ne?” (good weather, eh/right?)

    @Al… you forgot about the Oilers dynasty.

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