Developers race to get ready for Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch App Store grand opening

“The great scramble among software developers to write the first iPhone killer app is coming to a head,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“The race began in earnest in March when Steve Jobs unfolded Apple’s ‘iPhone software roadmap,’ a two-part package comprised of a tool kit to help developers write programs for the iPhone and a venue in which to sell them — a variation on Apple’s iTunes music store model called the App Store,” Elmer-DeWitt reports.

“Although the iPhone 3G is set to go on sale in nine days — at 8 a.m. Friday July 11 — Apple has still not announced when the software store will open. But on Wednesday it delivered a pretty broad hint: a midnight July 7 deadline for developers to submit their finished apps for the store’s grand opening,” Elmer-DeWitt reports. “According to Apple, 25,000 people applied to be part of its iPhone developers program, of which 4,000 were admitted.”

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  1. My sadness that my iPhone will no longer be the best cellphone in existence is starting to be offset by my excitement for the 2.0 software and the App store. It will be like a whole new iPhone for free! Here’s to hoping that I don’t blow my next paycheck on apps and games.

  2. If the developers are racing, and don’t have an app ready yet, perhaps Apple could push those ones aside and let developers who do have applications ready, get to put their apps on the store.

    I have heard there are registered developers since day one and yet have not heard from Apple about being allowed to put their apps on their phone, never mind the ITunes Store.

  3. The app store is going to be a huge deal, it is way more important than the new iPhone. Everybody is has a chance at developing the next digital pet rock and making a little cash along the way. Go Apple….

  4. Remember how it was told that Apple fanbois gather for “first release” to drink their wines, eat their cheeses and baguettes, engage in lively and erudite conversation, and exchange personal info with their new found friends.


    1. Black sweater chick is soooo excited she can barely stifle a yawn.
    2. Ball cap guy is staring blankly into space.
    3. Red shirt guy is sick to death of the jokes told by maroon shirt guy.
    4. Anonymous person hiding under green tarp is wishing maroon shirt guy would just go away.
    5. White shirt and head garb chick is staring blankly into space, too.

    Wow, those Apple fanbois really know how to party!

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