Microsoft dangles Apple iPods as bribes to use their also-ran search engine

“Microsoft is dangling prizes made by arch-nemesis Apple to entice Australian web surfers to give its online search products a second chance,” Asher Moses reports for The Sydney Morning Herald.

“Through its local joint venture with the Nine Network, ninemsn, Microsoft recently completed a full revamp of Live Search to improve results and integrate video, images, news and maps into search queries,” Moses reports.

“But in what is perhaps a sign of desperation given Google’s growing market share dominance, ninemsn is running a new Live Search promotion – Secret Search – offering surfers the chance to win prizes including the iPod Nano, Shuffle and Touch just for conducting searches,” Moses reports.

“A Microsoft source said using competitor products was frowned on at Microsoft and the company was offering large discounts on Windows Mobile-based smartphones to dissuade staff from buying iPhones,” Moses reports. “At ninemsn, staff are forbidden from using Google search.”

Moses reports, “Ninemsn’s head of Live Search, Alex Parsons, said if the Zune music player was sold in Australia it would have been offered as a prize instead.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Nate” and “Matt” for the heads up.]

If Microsoft were dangling Zunes, not only would we tell them to wipe better, but they’d drive the three shut-ins they have left to Google, too.


  1. Just a prelude to an inevitable result – MS getting out of the MP3 player business. Zune never had a chance, never took off, never will. Those who bought one were fooled by MS. If MS was smart (which it isn’t) they would have put more resources into that shithole OS they call Vista, but that wouldn’t have helped them anyway.

    Funny story – my brother-in-law, a “self-professed expert” on technology, hates anything that is NOT Microsoft, including Apple (he’s also an asshole). He ran out and bought a Zune on the day it was released, then proceded to call me and taunt me about how Apple sucks and MS rules the universe. Fast forward to the present – after seeing me run Vista on both Boot camp and VMware Fusion, he is now sneaking into his local Apple retail store and secretly looking for a Mac to buy. He is also going to dump his Zune on his nephew and buy an iPhone 3G along with an iMac 24″ – on what day? July 11. Even assholes are crossing over from the dark side.

  2. > OK everyone that is eligible for this should go in and do a search for Zune Sucks:-)

    Why only the eligible ones? I searched that anyway. Let’s fill their database up with these search results ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

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