Apple’s Jonathan Ive wins 2008 MDA Personal Achievement Award for iPhone

Apple’s senior vice president of Industrial Design, Jonathan Ive has won the 2008 MDA (Mobile Data Association) Personal Achievement Award for iPhone:

“This year the MDA personal achievement award winner is Jonathan Ive for his design of the Apple IPhone and its user interface. The physical design of the IPhone and its intuitive user interface has completely redefined the mobile phone as we know it. The IPhone is arguably the most talked about consumer-electronics device that has hit the market in the last 5 years. Ive has designed the best implementation of a touch UI, this with the Safari web browser has definitely pushed mobile content into the forefront of the consumer consciousness. It sets the bar very high for all present and future competitors and as such, is shaking the mobile phone industry. We look forward to seeing Ive’s design innovation continuing to challenge the mobile world.” – MDA Judge’s comments

Other winners can be seen here.

[Attribution: setteB.IT. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Jonathan Ive was asked at his presentation at the London Design museum in October 04 what he would most like to redesign and improve, and he said then it would be the mobile phone. He complimented a designer friend who had created something at the time.

    If he had told us then it was what Apple was going to do we’d have just known it was going to be the best phone ever made.

    Jonathan Ive is a true star. But hats of to the whole team at Apple too.

  2. Don’t want to get into one of those “who will succeed Steve” things since that’s finally died down a bit, but I have to say that Ive would have my vote.

    He’s the one guy you know wouldn’t allow junk to come out the door. That’s something that a pure sales or numbers guy can’t match. Apple should always champion the creative guy. It starts there (and certainly the numbers guys keep things running smoothly in the background).

    Just my thoughts . . .

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