Net Applications’ Operating System stats for June 2008 show Apple’s Mac hit a new all-time high with 7.94% share of the operating systems visiting Net Applications’ network of websites worldwide. The stats also show Apple iPhone with 0.16% share and Apple iPod with 0.04%. Net Applications noted last month, “Apple has confirmed that its online inventories for the original version of the iPhone are sold out in the U.S. and U.K. Apple appears to be clearing out its inventories in preparation for the iPhone 2.0 release. This, in conjunction with customers holding off purchasing until 2.0 is released has temporarily leveled off the iPhone usage share.” The data is aggregated from 40,000 websites that are predominantly ecommerce or corporate sites.

Net Applications’ June 2008 Operating System Stats:
Microsoft Windows: 90.89% (vs. MAY 2006: 95.09%)
– XP: 71.20%
– Vista: 16.14%
Apple Macintosh: 7.94% (vs. MAY 2006: 4.43%)
– Intel: 5.25%
– PowerPC: 2.69%

Linux: 0.80% (vs. MAY 2006: 0.40%)
Apple iPhone: 0.16%
Apple iPod: 0.04%

Playstation: 0.03%
Nintendo Wii: 0.01%
SunOS: 0.01%

Net Applications’ Operating System Market Share for June 2008:

Net Applications’ Operating System Market Share Trend for Apple Macintosh for July 2006 to June 2008:

More details can be seen via Net Applications’ here.

MacDailyNews Note: As always, the actual percentage numbers are not as important as the trends shown since all “market share” reports have unique measurement sources. Net Applications, for example measures 40,000 corporate and ecommerce websites — how many of which are restricted to WIndows and/or IE, if any, we do not know. If anything, Net Applications is providing one measure of installed base, rather than “market share.” Again, what’s important is the trend (and consistent data points). The trend shows Apple’s Macintosh ascending.