Verizon CEO scoffs at Apple iPhone; waits for Apple CEO Steve Jobs to ‘get old’

Ivan Seidenberg is chairman and chief executive of Verizon Communications.

“Mr Seidenberg is adamant that Verizon Wireless is well placed to be one of the winners in the battle between companies for a big chunk of the revenue coming from the rising popularity of the mobile internet,” Andrew Parker and Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson report for The Financial Times.

“He reserves his most acerbic remarks for Apple, the US technology company, and Steve Jobs, its chief executive,” Parker and Edgecliffe-Johnson report.

“Apple is credited with turning the mobile internet into a user-friendly reality with its much hyped iPhone, and Mr Jobs struck an exclusive network deal last year with AT&T for the handset,” Parker and Edgecliffe-Johnson report.

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“While describing Apple as a ‘great company,’ Mr Seidenberg highlights its small market share of global handset sales. He scoffs at suggestions that the iPhone is about to become a mass-market handset because Apple has accepted mobile operators’ pleas to subsidise it,” Parker and Edgecliffe-Johnson report.

“As handsets become banking tools and games controllers, he argues, mobile operators can up-end other companies’ business models. ‘It’s very cool. And Steve Jobs eventually will get old . . . I like our chances,'” Parker and Edgecliffe-Johnson report.

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Earth hath no idiocy like a wireless carrier scorned by Apple’s Steve Jobs.


  1. As the CEO of a major company, he should be ashamed that that’s his only response to a clear threat to his business. What he’s basically saying is “Yeah, they’ve got us beat now but we’re praying to God that once Steve leaves Apple years & years from now that we’ll still be around.”

  2. As an investor, I ALWAYS stay away from a company who’s CEO has no respect for their competition, and in fact, trivializes the competitive product (and company) with comments like these. One should have great respect for the man and/or machine that can bring you down. These comments should be iCal’d, just like the idiotic comments of M.Dell, S.Ballmer, and the like…

  3. If they’re in such a good position then why haven’t they done it already? Why don’t they have devices offering great internet experiences? If it’s so easy then why don’t they do it? Apple did if first go and are only getting better, they started from nothing with other companies already selling in large numbers and they’re already a credible threat. If your game plan revolves around hoping that the leader of your competition will die before his company destroys yours, then you’re one hell of a gambler.

    Or an idiot.

    Or both.

  4. Hey, thanks Mr Seidenberg…that “get old” comment just majorly tapped into Steve Jobs “above all others” determination and he will now be iCEO of Apple until he is 99 years old…just to piss off that guys grandchildren, and for no other reason. Ask Michael Dell.
    Mr Seidenberg was the first to talk to Apple about the iPhone and rejected the idea…which may go down as history’s biggest blunder and future generations will study about it. If I was Mr Seidenberg, I would just plain shut up. Even when a fool keeps his mouth shut, he is not perceived as a fool…paraphrased from the Bible.

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