Streaming Sirius Satellite Radio comes to Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone owners (jailbroken Apple iPhone owners, that is] “can now enjoy live streaming satellite radio from Sirius thanks to an application called uSirius,” Michael Kwan reports for Mobile Magazine.

“The app works in much the same way as iRadio. You aren’t connecting directly to the Sirius satellites, of course, seeing how the iPhone doesn’t have that functionality built into it. Instead, the music comes pumping through your iPhone either via Wi-Fi or EDGE. When the 3G iPhone comes out next month, you’ll be able to get a speedier connection via HSDPA as well,” Kwan reports.

“Unfortunately, getting in on the Sirius Satellite Radio action is going to cost you. There is a free three-day trial before you’ll need to register, so at least you can give a test drive before you buy it. Find it through,” Kwan reports.

More info in the full article here.

Gizmodo covers it, too, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Drew” for the heads up.]


  1. Actually, I don’t understand why Sirius doesn’t work with my iPhone. It works fine under Safari on my desktop, and uses Quicktime to play.

    Is it because they are afraid they will lose market for their portable players? Or is it a compatibility problem?

    I have a Belkin Tunebase, and my iPhone sounds good through the FM, as does Flytunes (even under Edge), but no Sirius.

    Once the 3G iPhones arrive, Sirius will be in trouble if they don’t offer web support to iPhones, as there are plenty of others that do.

  2. The headline is misleading. Not many ‘regular folks’ are jailbreaking their iPhones and a very small percentage will in the future.

    The headline should at least be changed to read: “Streaming Sirius Satellite Radio comes to Jailbroken Apple iPhone”

  3. The mere possibility of someday getting live sports on the iPhone is impressive. Flytunes doesn’t have anything near the content, range and star power of Sirius. You can bet certain people at both Sirius and Apple are taking notice….

  4. Sweet. You cant get Sirius now on iPhone only because the iPhone 1.0 does not support Flash. The Sirius internet radio uses Flash on their website that makes accessing it on the iPhone not possible. Should iPhone support Flash (in any manner), you should be able to access from the Sirius web site, just like on your Mac/PC.

    This would be great!

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