Sony Ericsson warns: moderating demand of its mid-to-high-end phones negatively affecting income

Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB announced today that its net sales and net income before taxes in the second quarter of 2008 continue to be negatively affected by moderating demand of mid-to-high end mobile phones, in combination with a delay of new products shipped during the quarter.

Although final results may differ, Sony Ericsson plans to ship approximately 24 million phones during the second quarter of 2008 with an estimated ASP (Average Selling Price) of EUR 115 (US$180). Gross margin is expected to decline both year over year and sequentially. Net income before taxes is estimated to be about break-even.

Sony Ericsson plans to announce the second quarter 2008 financial results on July 18 at 7:30 am UK time/8:30 am CET.

Source: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB



  1. To Predrag:

    Sony-Ericsson intros XPERIA X1 ‘iPhone killer’
    “Sony-Ericsson opened the Mobile World Congress today by unveiling the XPERIA X1, its first true touchscreen-focused cellphone. Following a deal with Microsoft, the handset is Sony-Ericsson’s first device to use Windows Mobile for its OS but also uses a custom interface of ‘XPERIA panels’ rather than the default Microsoft front-end: users simply tap panels with their fingers to access calling, media, and other functions, according to the phone designer. Though dominated by its 3-inch, 800×480 touchscreen, the device also includes both optical and physical navigation pads at the bottom as well as a unique arc-slider QWERTY keyboard that tilts outward for more comfortable typing.”

  2. Sony was one of the few companies to publicly keep quiet about the iPhone. Most likely they still have iScars on their body to remind them what happened to their Walkman mp3 line. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”red face” style=”border:0;” />

  3. You are *extremely* lame with that continous bloodbath the annual growth this year is over 100 million phones and how many has iPhone sold thusfar?

    You do the math and then figure out if this has *anything* to do with Apple.

  4. I expect Apple to report lower demand for their iPhone as well

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    Laptops are a heck a lot better for internet use, plus they can run full applications and such.

    Apple should have created three versions of the iPhone 2.0

    1: Flip cheap version, pay as you go
    2: Present version
    3: Near laptop version with bigger screen and memory

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