Report: China Mobile says way cleared for Apple iPhone 3G

“China Mobile Communications Corp. said Friday the main obstacle keeping Apple Inc.’s iPhone out of the world’s largest mobile phone market had been cleared now that Apple has dropped its revenue-sharing demands, Agence-France Presse reported,” Michael Kitchen reports for MarketWatch.

“‘We’ve broken through the biggest obstacle and we are negotiating at the working level,’ Gao Songge, deputy director of China Mobile’s general department, told AFP,” Kitchen reports.

“Gao said Apple had given up previous demands, including a requirement to share revenues, but he would not give a timetable for the iPhone hitting the China market, which had 540 million mobile users at the end of November 2007, the report said,” Kitchen reports.

Full article here.

Zhu Shenshen reports for Shanghai Daily, “Apple will probably launch its iPhone for the Chinese mainland by the end of this year, chief executive Steve Jobs said recently.”

“Apple will launch its 2G iPhone in the Chinese mainland first because the 3G networks will not be ready in time, said Sandy Shen, a Gartner Inc analyst in Shanghai,” Shenshen reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Carl H” for the heads up.]


  1. “way cleared for Apple iPhone 3G”

    I think this refers to mud and debris.
    And human rights activist.
    Gee, where is Greenpeace where you need them?
    Oh, yeah. Fighting the good war…in Cupertino.

    And does Apple ship the iPhone to California first, or just walk them across the street?

  2. “Apple has dropped its revenue-sharing demands”
    Does that means that all the rest of the carriers in the world will give apple revenue? oh my God!!! Buy apple shares as soon as you can before July 11.

  3. Apple, do not miss the chance to lauch iPhone before or during China Olympics.
    Any marketing move toward China during that time will get worldwide attention.
    It’ll be perfect time to open the Beijing Apple store and roll out iPhone, AppStore there.

  4. @viktor

    only the carriers for iphone 2G had to share revenues. apple dropped that demand for the 3G-model after they realised that they don’t get more carriers to accept that. and now even the 2G-model will be free of that. (but from now on only sold in india, china and russia, me thinks)

  5. “Apple, do not miss the chance to lauch iPhone before or during China Olympics.”

    It sounds more like a launch in time for the next Chinese New Year’s celebration (26th of January, 2009).

  6. Why would you sell the EDGE iPhone? Do you get any economies of scale? Isn’t the 3G iPhone cheaper to manufacture? Just sell the 3G iPhone, and when the 3G standard is rolled out, they’ll work.

    I used my iPhone in China a few months ago, and it was brilliant. EDGE is very strong in China. 4 bars everywhere, including the countryside.

    My concern is that China Mobile doesn’t subsidize cellphones, so they’re going to have to sell at full retail, or subsidize, and then they’ll play their game, where they say, we don’t pay subsidies.

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