Report: Apple to open two retail stores in China this summer

“Apple Inc. will open a retail store in Beijing this summer, its first shop on the Chinese mainland, to attract fans of iPod, Mac computers and perhaps iPhones,” Zhu Shenshen reports for Shanghai Daily.

“Apple’s new store will open in the Sanlitun, a fashionable bar area of the capital city, this summer, Apple China said on its Website today,” Shenshen reports.

“Apple will open the three-floor store on July 19 and will open a second Retail Store in Beijing during the Olympics, according to an industry insider,” Shenshen reports.

“Apple China, however, declined to comment on detailed times for the openings,” Shenshen reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Carl H” for the heads up.]


  1. Great move!!! Hopefully iPhone/AppStore will be launched there before or during the Olympics.
    After China, only Russia will be remaining. When iPhone is rolled out in Russia… World Domination.

  2. “When iPhone is rolled out in Russia… World Domination.”

    You left out, “Muhahahahah ! ! !” (with a pinky pointing to the side of your mouth)

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  3. Also good news: China helped pressure N. Korea into destroying the water cooling tower for enriching plutonium.

    The bad news is, the Koreans used a small nuclear device to level it…..(I expect to see this on ‘Weekend Update’)

  4. To Ampar:

    Thanks for the link and it’s really cool to have the iPhone in Brasil but the complete store experience and products would be great too and not just telefone operators selling the iPhone. Eventually it will happen.
    Thanks again.

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