Bill Gates moves on; a troubled Microsoft remains

“It is almost unthinkable that any one human could pick up where Bill Gates leaves off when he ends his full-time tenure Friday as Microsoft’s leader,” Jessica Mintz reports for The Associated Press.

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, it is unthinkable. Charlie Peace would have to rise from the dead.

Mintz continues, “But as Gates bones up on epidemiology at his charitable foundation, the software company he built with a mix of visionary manifestos and extreme hands-on management must still wake up Monday to face hard problems even he could not solve.”

MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, like how are they going to “innovate” this time when there’s no longer an unprepared sugared water salesbozo around to sign away Apple’s company jewels?

Mintz continues, “From Microsoft’s start in 1975, Gates has been the company’s genius programmer, its technology guru, its primary decision maker and its ruthless and competitive leader. He would famously disappear into the solitude of a country cabin to digest employee-written papers and ponder the future of the industry, then emerge with manifestos…”

MacDailyNews Take: Like the Unabomber. And, Jessica, those weren’t employee-written papers, they were Mac OS discs.

Mintz continues, “At a May gathering of chief executive officers at Microsoft’s Redmond, Wash., headquarters, Gates outlined how he hoped to translate the work once done within the singular confines of his brain into the sort of group projects that could be managed with the company’s own collaboration software.”

MacDailyNews Take: Good God in Heaven.

Mintz continues, “‘We’ve created a thing we called quests, where we divided our types of customers down, and we got the best thinkers on these things, both the very practical people who are with the customers, the engineers who write the code, and the researchers who may be more unbound in terms of their timeframe and imagination, and put them together,’ Gates said.”

MacDailyNews Take: That actually explains a lot. Bloated, spaghetti-coded, focus-less crap covered in rich, creamy bullshit. Microsoft and quality go together like lawnmowers and frogs.

Mintz continues, “Gates did not give any examples of specific quests, though in 2006 and 2007 speeches he referred to the Tablet PC, an innovation he has championed for a decade but which has failed to catch on in the mainstream, as a quest.”

MacDailyNews Take: So, he’s really more like a mixture of Charlie Peace, Ted Kaczynski, and Don Quixote. It’s all finally making sense now.

Mintz continues, “If the quests are as deeply tied to Gates’ own ideas about the future as indicated by the few examples Ballmer mentioned, Microsoft may be in trouble. After all, even with Gates himself at the helm, Microsoft has yet to solve critical competitive headaches. The Internet has changed the means of distributing desktop software applications and even challenged the idea that they’re necessary. Microsoft has scrambled to catch up in music players, and remains an also-ran with its Zune. The most recent Windows Vista operating system landed with a thud. And Microsoft has stumbled badly in Web search and advertising, culminating in Ballmer’s quixotic, $47.5 billion pursuit of Yahoo Inc.”

MacDailyNews Take: Bingo! Well, happy retirement, Bill. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If you’re looking for a tribute to Bill Gates, you’re at the wrong site. Luckily for you, there are plenty of mindless twits elsewhere who seem quite happy to gloss things over, rewrite history, and excuse and/or ignore criminal behavior. We only deal in facts here. Trying to buy your way into heaven with ill-gotten gains after plunging the world into a decades-long Dark Ages of Computing does not warrant a tribute.


  1. @Superdick:
    And just what are these “… true contributions Mr. Gates has provided over the many many years in his field” ?
    Pray, do tell, you snivelling, obsequious, boot-licker.

    Gates’ Contributions:
    Theft? Abuse of monopoly?

    And please inform us, what exactly is Gates’ “field”?

    And by the way, Captain Ignoramus, the work of “his Foundation” is to cloak Gates’ illegally acquired billions in a veneer of philanthropy, which also conveniently provides tax shelter to Bill Gates.

    After reading your post here, I looked up “douchebag” in the dictionary, and your picture was there.

    You Gates-and-Microsoft-Apologists are feeble-minded sycophants whose MS ass-licking will be welcomed at the myriad Microsoft Fanboy sites, but are merely a smeared insect on the windshield of this fine MacDailyNews website.

    – So long, you will not be missed.

  2. I never like MDN’s overkill on Bill Gates. Yes, yes, there’s plenty to dislike about Bill Gates. But Microsoft could disappear tomorrow and history would still have to record how Bill Gates changed computing in it’s fledgling years and how computing changed the world.

    I know, I know, save your snide remarks. You don’t have to like Bill Gates. But if you don’t appreciate his great achievements it speaks much more poorly of you than of him.

  3. Why would anyone read MDN and cannot take a joke (albite a biting one) is beyond me. The fact that for the past 6 months this site gets ever more anti-MDN comments is funny as hell.

    But really, for those who would praise Gates for his foundation and diss Jobs for the lack of one, please read the Bible and note that the quality of your charity is not a matter of the quantity. Also, Jobs isn’t retired yet. You have no idea what he would do/give when he does. SERIOUSLY, if Bill Gates truly wants to make a real difference and a lasting contribution to society, all he has to do is wave his hand and grant free XP licenses and put in half of the cost to put the XO laptop into every needy child’s hands. As the proverb says, teach a man (child) to fish… So why wouldn’t he? Shouldn’t Vista make enough money for him? Is it because he thinks education is not that important, or that allowing children to grow up on XP is the worst thing that could happen… Oh I kill myself…

  4. that the quality of your charity is not a matter of the quantity.

    Good point. Giving away scraps of an ill-gotten fortune is hardly charitable. Bill: when you give away enough to face real hardship yourself, then we’ll talk.

    put in half of the cost to put the XO laptop into every needy child’s hands.

    Truly needy children need food-water-shelter-medicine, and a stable society that won’t turn them into child warriors, a LOT more than they need Windows. If Bill truly wants to make a lasting contribution, start with the basics.

  5. I love Bill Gates. I think he is a very nice person. He is now older and wiser, that is why he is leaving M$. So what if he ripped off other pirates. Its not like he was killing people. He was just kicking butts in the business world.

    I love you Bill.

  6. > So tell us, what have you acomplished? How much do you give to charity.

    Stained and pained money MDN doesn’t have; it takes a robber baron. And when you’ve accummulated as much as a robber baron has, you’d better give some to charity lest the gov’mint take it without bestowing any honors on ya.

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