Just how well is Apple TV doing – and how can it do even better?

“Apple has been, and continues to be, quite secretive regarding the number of Apple TVs that are in circulation. Apple neither discloses a total unit sales figure for the device, nor does it announce the amount of revenue it receives from Apple TV sales. All we know is that Apple currently uses the subscription method of accounting for Apple TV revenue, much like it does with the iPhone,” Andy Zaky writes for Seeking Alpha.

“But instead of allocating a separate line item for the Apple TV on its financial statement, Apple simply records the revenue under one line item called “iPhone and Apple TV”—leaving the relevant observer completely ignorant as to both the monetary and market impact of the device. This has led many Wall Street pundits, investors and financial analysts to fully understate the potential influence the Apple TV might have on the video market,” Zaky writes.

“For all we know, the Apple TV could be making considerable ground even as I write this article. Last week, Apple announced that iTunes has become the world’s most popular online movie store as it sells and rents over 50,000 movies per day or a little over 18 million movies per year. That’s with a catalogue of only 2,000 movies. With a huge customer install base for movie downloads already set in place, the Apple TV 2.0 can already be taking off,” Zaky writes.

Zaky writes, “Yet, while Apple has made significant inroads in its campaign for occupancy of the living room with its Apple TV Take 2, the Apple TV still has a long ways to go from being the perfect alternative to DVD players… Knowing the genius of Steve Jobs, Apple is probably working on most, if not all of them:”

• Where’s the TV Tuner and HD-DVR?
• Wireless Syncing and Streaming with the iPod Touch & the iPhone.
• iTunes Expansion, DVD Extras, Subscription Services and HD Content.
• Maybe a Blu-Ray Player?
• Allow DVD Ripping in a DRM Protected Format.
• Better Remote Control… A touch screen one perhaps?

Much more, including discussion of each of the above bullet points, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Carl” for the heads up.]

Want a touch screen remote for Apple TV? Just buy it for your iPhone and/or iPod touch from Apple’s App Store, right?


  1. I actually own the 160 gig version. I didn’t buy it, mind you, one of my vendors gave it to me as a gift.

    Anyways, while I like it and think that it’ll be really nice, I don’t really use it that much. I have a netflix account, and that’s much cheaper than renting a movie for 4 bucks off of Apple TV.

    But I’m still glad that I have it. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  2. I don’t get why people want the Apple TV to have a TV tuner and DVR. Doesn’t everybody who has an HDTV already have a TV tuner and DVR from their cable company? Why would you want two different DVRs and TV tuners hooked up to the same TV?

  3. I received an ATV for my birthday and just hooked it up last month as I don’t have a wide screen TV. Found a 480i converter with an S-Video output and it works like a charm.

    I haven’t yet done any hacks, but the ATV would be even better in you could play multiple format types without a hack. In the meantime I’m wearing out my copies of Handbrake and Visual Hub.

    Another improvement would be for a true power saving mode. My ATV stays very warm even when ‘off.’

  4. I have two AppleTVs – one in family room, one in bedroom – I love them….of course I also have a Apple file server running that stores all my movies, music, and tv shows.

    I’ve almost given up watching regular tv….I just watch movies or tv series I purhcase. Just bought ROME though iTunes…loved it. Thinking of getting Deadwood now.

  5. I love my Apple TV, but also realize that it can be better.

    My List
    -On/Off Switch
    -Built-in divx support, .avi, .mkv, .mpg
    -Built in weather, RSS, news feed
    -Organization tool with itunes, folders, PLAYLISTS for movies!
    -iphone-esk user interface
    -Less abundance of itunes store links, one button to take you to the itunes store. I have to go to movies, and all the way down to “My movies” sounds microsfty

    I know some of these can be hacked in, but I dont have time to enable SSH and crap. GIVE ME ical, contacts, calculator

  6. The Roku Netflix Player is a much better deal than the Apple TV. Until Hollywood removes the ridiculous restrictions & high pricing that it is placing on the Apple TV movie content, Apple TV will never take off.

  7. leaving the <u>relevant</u> observer completely ignorant

    Where did this pretentious git learn English? Correspondence school?

    I really dislike reporters who try to sound more intelligent than they really are, only to write so poorly that they come off as idiots.

  8. Question for those who have an Apple TV, does it play music video play lists???

    The reason I’m asking is that Frontrow doesn’t, I’ve bought a bunch of Music Video’s from iTunes and enjoy watching them, right now that takes plugging my laptop into the TV and using iTunes visualizer to play through a playlist of music videos. If I try opening that same playlist in Frontrow I can only play one song at a time, if I try to use the “shuffle” option it throws an error, if I just start playing a video it will go back out to the playlist view once the song is done and won’t go on to the next one.

    I’m not going to buy an Apple TV if it can’t play a music video playlist but I can’t find any documentation on it that actually states that it does. Short of going to an apple store with my laptop and connecting a display model to my music library I have no idea if the Apple TV will work for me or if I’ll have to get a Mac Mini to plug into the TV…

    If anyone with an Apple TV and a few music videos in your iTunes library could check on that for me I’d be really grateful!

  9. Most of his complaints could be solved with a EyeTV device and the iPhone or Touch.

    EyeTV has HD DVRs that work brilliantly with a Mac, and will allow streaming to your iPhone or Touch.

  10. “… the perfect alternative to dvd players”? I’m never going to see TV as an alternative to a dvd/blu-ray player, and I would never expect Apple to have that as a goal for the TV.

    Along with the “retarded_baboon” I also wish that TV would support divx, mpg, avi, etc. (Even though I for one wish .avi would go away, but that’s another thread.)

    I also wish that the TV would allow playback of music and videos from other inhome computers without having to import the media into iTunes first.

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