Apple adds iPhone distribution points in Germany, Italy

“Apple has reached a deal with German computer reseller, Gravis, under which that company will also sell the iPhone 3G with T-Mobile contracts through its chain of shops,” Jonny Evans reports for Macworld UK.

“Apple doesn’t yet have a retail store chain in Germany, but this is meant to change later this year when the company opens up a retail outlet in Munich. The iPhone 3G will also be sold in T-Mobile shops,” Evans reports.

“In a similar move, Apple in Italy will allow local Apple Premium Resellers to offer the iPhone 3G through their stores, in this case supplementing the high street efforts of Vodafone and Telecom Italia, Apple’s local carriers for Italy,” Evans reports.

More details in the full article here.


  1. Gravis isn’t bad, at least here in Berlin.

    They’ve got their act together in the last few years and copied a lot of things from the Apple Stores; among other things, glass staircases and friendly, well-informed staff.

  2. Because the concern for oil and what it is doing to the economy everywhere – except Russia, Saudi, Iran and the other oil producing countries…

    The outlook for the US is not looking good long term..

  3. @ Towertone

    You might have a point, if it weren’t for the fact that, as Joe Biden said on Meet the Press, 79% of the offshore leases reserved for drilling/pumping oil are not being used for that purpose. Why do they need more when they are barely using the ones already present.

  4. The higher the gasoline price, the more we need to work from home or away from office. The more we need to work mobile, the more we need *good* computers and may get to use computers of our choice. The more users get to pick their computing platform, the more Macs and iPhones will sell. Conspiracy? Or is Jobs just smarter than everybody else?

  5. C’mon you guys. You aren’t naive to believe the oil company propaganda, are you?
    Look in today’s news about the Enron Loophole. Perhaps this time next year we’ll actually have a Justice Department that isn’t in Industry’s pocket.
    Think! . . . Just who do the Oil Companies pay this exorbitant price for oil to? The Oil Gods? . . . No! They said it themselves in a recent ad. 66% is pumped out of the ground, locally. No wonder their profits are ridiculous. It’s especially difficult to swallow, since technically the oil from these leases is ours, to start with.

    Oh. I’m sorry. Threadwise: I think all this Apple expansion, along with iPhone ll is going to sweep a good portion of both smart phone and computer markets, worldwide. The rate of expansion is quite remarkable, especially knowing Apple’s need to keep quality control.

  6. Yian
    Leases do not propagate finds. You can lease 1 million acres for a very low sum if the chance of discovery is slim, and spend a lot of money looking for supplies that are not proven.

    Having a lease allows you to look if it becomes apparent that their may be a field worth exploring, or allowing others to and giving you a percent.

    Offshore is a much more reliable chance of success.

    Now, let me ask this: So what if they have leases that they are not using? It is way more expensive to drill in the Gulf than somewhere in Idaho, so the risk involved would need to be for a bigger payoff.

    I don’t see any business that would spend that kind of money to develop a product when their is a cheaper supply somewhere else (spare me the ‘Big Oil’ is corrupt theory, please)

    Also, and I am saying this honestly, Joe Biden has never shown me anything that even hints that he may have a whiff of business sense.

    But he sho nuff do sound smart….

  7. Tower Tone is right on this. As one that owns mineral rights that have been leased on and off over the years, I can tell you that leases don’t mean much. There is no direct correlation between the existence of a lease and the existence of oil or gas. Also, not all oil reserves are created equal in their ease of access. Some oil costs $20/barrel over the life of the reserves to pull out of the ground, some oil reserves may cost $200 or more/ barrels to pull out for a variety of reasons. It costs millions to sink an exploratory well. All you that think that oil companies get something for nothing, I dare you to raise millions and gamble on drilling yourself. It’s a huge risk, and as with most investments high risk generates either BIG Profits or BIG losses.

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