Will Apple’s App Store kill off the ‘iPhone Jailbreak’ market?

“Conventional wisdom is that once Apple starts selling apps for the iPhone and iPod touch next month, people will stop “jailbreaking” their phones so they can install unofficial third-party apps,” Dan Frommer writes for Silicon Alley Insider.

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“We’re not so sure: We think there could be enough demand — specifically for apps that Apple isn’t likely to approve for its store — to keep the jailbreak market going,” Frommer writes.

“We don’t think this market will be particularly large — mostly hacker-types, programmers, hobbyists, super-early adopters, etc. And it’s possible the new iPhone 3G will include extra hurdles to prevent or discourage people from jailbreaking their phones and installing unofficial apps. But we’re not convinced that the jailbreak market is going to die when Apple’s apps store rolls out,” Frommer writes.

Frommer makes his case in the full article here.

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  1. It won’t kill the JailBreak market, but it will significantly reduce it. There will always be those who want to tinker with their devices.

    I would much rather pay a few buck for a tested and approved application which installs by selecting it from the App Store than trying some hack and putting a relatively untested app on my iPhone.

    Like all things Apple, it will simply be easier to buy from the App Store than to hack the iPhone. The vast majority of people will choose this method.

  2. The jailbreak market will remain. Just look at the Wii, which has downloadable “apps” but hackers (in the traditional sense) still went to the effort of getting Linux running on it.

  3. The Jailbreak market was primarily created by and for people who wanted more choice with who their service provider was and what sort of contract or not.

    That will not change until people can buy on contract free and for multiple networks.

  4. There is one reason I can think of to have jailbreak. Running Apps in the background. While Apple’s solution to this will work 95% of the time, there are still important software that would be useful to run in the back ground.

    For example. Write a medical app that keeps track of your vital signs 24/7 and pushes that info to your doctor. That way your doc will know instantly, where ever you are, if you are having a heart attack or a stroke and can meet you at the Hospital. That kind of app doesn’t work with Apples push system but would be very useful. It would need to run 24/7 in the background to work.

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