Report: Telstra to sell Apple’s iPhone 3G in Australia starting July 22

“In a case of better late than never, Telstra, the gorilla of the telco market, will come to Apple’s iPhone launch party but may lag its rivals by almost two weeks with the handset,” Michael Sainsbury and Stuart Kennedy report for Australian IT.

“Telstra will join Optus and Vodafone in launching the new 3G version of Apple’s new iPhone in July and Telstra chief Sol Trujillo may make an announcement next week,” Sainsbury and Kennedy report.

“Vodafone and Optus will begin selling the iPhone on July 11 and the much hyped widget will likely drive plenty of feet through Apple’s new CBD Sydney retail store which dwarfs Telstra’s new concept store directly across the road. Apple’s shop opened this evening, with Apple tragics coming from as far afield as San Francisco to witness the event,” Sainsbury and Kennedy report.

“Telstra stayed quiet as its rivals wracked up marketing points by standing in the glow of the local iPhone launch, but will now go ahead and sell the device according to people close to the company. The telco is targeting a date of July 22, they said,” Sainsbury and Kennedy report.

Full article here.

One you’ve been iCal’ed, it’s usually just a matter of time: February 15, 2007, Telstra’s Chief Operations Officer Greg Winn, “There’s an old saying — stick to your knitting — and Apple is not a mobile phone manufacturer, that’s not their knitting… You can pretty much be assured that Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and ZTE and others will be coming out with devices that have similar functionality… I think people overreacted to [the iPhone] — there was not a lot of tremendously new stuff if you think about it.”

Enjoy your crow, Greg.


  1. “Telstra stayed quiet as its rivals wracked up marketing points by standing in the glow of the local iPhone launch …”

    Ha ha – After trying to force Apple to put their Telstra’ Sensis crap onto the iPhone, they have obviously backtracked and settled on Apples terms.

    Yeah, enjoy your “faaaaaarking” crow pie Greg.

  2. Unfortunately Telstra and Optus draw for the worst customer service and Vodaphone has poor coverage. Optus have an avr system through which all calls are funnelled and which ivariably connects you to the wrong area. Telstra simply cannot complete a transaction without stuffing it up.

  3. I have been waiting for the iPhone for years…

    I’ve used a ‘pay as you go’ basic Nokia crap-phone from Virgin mobile (which sits on the Optus network) to avoid being locked into a contract as and when the iPhone finally reaches these shores.

    I use Telstra for my home phone, broadband and cable. But their online bill payment system is not Safari compliant because the orange button just after the credit card details part of the page just does not trigger anything!

    So now the iPhone is nearly here, which carrier do I go with? Telstra who clearly is not Safari compliant so it won’t be easy to pay their bills using Safari on the iPhone? Vodafone who don’t have good coverage? Or Optus which isn’t that much better really…

    Decisions, decisions…

  4. >Big empty corner of the world?

    Oz: Land Area: 7.62 million sqkms Population: 20.6 million (2.7 people / sqkm = invisible)

    US: Land Area: 9.16 million sqkms Population: 303.8 million (33.2 people / sqkm = hollerin’ distance)

    China: Land Area: 9.33 million sqkms Population: 1,330 million (142.5 people / sqkm = peepin’ distance)

    That takes care of “big, empty”; for “corner,” study map ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

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