Telecom Italia announces pre-pay version prices of Apple iPhone 3G in Italy

Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) today announced in Italy the prices for the iPhone 3G in pre-pay versions, Italian-language website setteB.IT reports.

Apple iPhone 3G 8GB will be 499 euros (taxes included), 16GB will be 569 euros (taxes included).

setteB.IT found that TIM’s minimum contract for iPhone 3G will be 30 euros/month. No other details are currently available for contract versions. The TIM prices are the same as the prices announced by Vodafone in Italy days ago.

Full article (via Google Italian to English translation) here.


  1. Do I misunderstand the definition of the word “prepay”? It is my understanding that the US usage of that word for cells means a phone that does NOT have a contract and an owner simply buys (“prepays”) a certain number of minutes for use; the minutes being replenished as needed. In other words a “Go Phone”. The whole point is NO contract.

    Someone please correct me if I have this wrong.

  2. In Germany (I believe Italy too) prepay is just as you said: you buy some “Minutes” and use you phone with that. But the Phone can have a simlock, that you can use it ONLY with that prepaid Simcard.
    You just do not have any sort of monthly fees.

  3. Then it appears the Italian model for the iPhone may change. If there is a minimum monthly contract, it would appear that it is at first glance nothing more than a cheaper than regular plan that will in turn cost a user much more to buy the iPhone to begin with.

    If so, then this is one big disadvantage to the iPhone’s popularity. Like any popular product, it will be priced as high as the market will pay. The initial Italian pricing plan is nothing less than blatant forcing of users into an even higher priced regular plan. However, AT&T;is essentially doing the same thing in the US; I can’t blame the Italians for doing it too.

  4. Reply to Fastmemory.

    You are right, just one point.
    In Italy to buy a Sim you sign a contract, with name address and so on.
    Then you can put some money in the card to use for calls.


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