Report: 10 million iPhone 3G units to ship in third quarter

“Taiwan-based component suppliers of Apple’s 3G iPhones are expected to see their revenues strengthen substantially starting the third quarter of this year due to sales of the new iPhones, according to a Chinese-language Commercial Times report,” Steve Shen reports for DigiTimes.

“With the new iPhones to be available simultaneously in 22 countries on July 11, total shipments of 3G iPhones are expected to top 10 million units in the third quarter, the paper quoted sources at component suppliers as indicating,” Shen reports.

The report also lists component suppliers of 3G iPhone, including Infineon Technologies, Foxconn Electronics, Sharp, Broadcom, and others.

Full article here.

[Attribution: MacNN. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Steve516 – this is iPhone shipments, not Zunes. For iPhones, shipments = sales. People line up for days because the demand is greater than the supply at the price point.


  2. My Verizon contract ran out in May.

    Funny how after two years with a flawless network, it suddenly started dropping calls in June…?

    Can’t wait for July 11 – that $70 bill is only thirty bucks more than my Verizon bill anyway, which has no data plan.

    So I am glad to pay it!

  3. Just a couple weeks ago, remember that article that cited a “slash in iPhone orders” for Q3 of 15%? If people had read it carefully, they were predicting Apple orders of 12M 3G iPhones for Q3. A 15% “slash” takes the 12M down to 10.2M. The above report puts it now at 10M. If you take the Q4 run-rate as 12M, then add in Q3 at 10M, and Q1 and 2 at around 2M, you get 24+M for 2008, well above Steve’s goal of 10M.

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