Thurrott: ‘You need to get an Apple iPhone 3G, sooner rather than later’

“I cannot stress this enough: You need to get an iPhone. Sooner rather than later. With Apple dropping the entry price on this innovative device to just $200, while fixing all of the major issues I described in “How Apple Can Fix the iPhone in 2008,” there are precious few reasons to ignore this seismic shift in mobile and cloud computing. (One potential reason is the cost of the data plan: It looks like the minimum monthly outlay for an iPhone in the US is going to be $70 before taxes, about $10 more than it was before.) I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The iPhone is a dramatically important computing platform and one you should not ignore. Trust me, once you’ve used an iPhone, that Blackberry or Windows Mobile device you’re settling on now will seem like ancient Soviet-era technology by comparison,” Paul Thurrott writes for SuperSite for Windows.

“Despite some fears about the monthly cost of owning an iPhone, the iPhone 3G appears to eliminate virtually every major complaint I’ve made about the original device. As a result, I’m almost unreservedly excited about the iPhone 3G and implore you to seriously consider making the switch. I’ll have more information about the iPhone 3G in the SuperSite Blog and in an upcoming MobileMe preview before my final review hits next month. But don’t wait on me: It’s time to start evaluating Apple’s innovative new smart phone. Finally, the iPhone really is the smart phone for the rest of us,” Thurrott writes.

Much more in the full article here.


  1. Thurrot is still an idiot.. even after all this admission. In the same article, he says that Steve Jobs mentioned 2G was better; while 3G was power-consuming etc. a year ago; and now he has acknowledged that’s not the case.

    What Thurrot does not understand is that 18 months makes a big difference in the semiconductor industry. The chips that are available now (low-power chips) were not there for 3G 18 months ago. And he always makes it out to be a huge RDF.. no matter whether there is some amount of truth to it or not.

  2. Here’s the paragraph from Thurrot.

    “Also ironic is that Apple appears to have overcome one of the biggest fears about 3G, a fear that, incidentally, Steve Jobs raised last year when he explained why the original iPhone would utilize 2.5G instead: 3G wireless receivers, he said, sucked up battery life so fast that it just wasn’t worth going that route. A year later, that’s no longer the case, apparently: Apple claims the iPhone 3G will get “great battery life” with up to 5 hours of talk time and up to 5-6 hours of Web browsing on 3G. Huh.”

  3. Sorry, not for me

    Hear me out first before bringing out the flamethrowers and cries for censorship.

    I have a “pay as you go phone” works on and exactly as my AT&T;(but not AT&T;) and with pernament double minutes on the life of the phone.

    Cost only $20 for the phone a decent Motorolla.

    $99 for 400 minutes 2x = 800 minutes.

    I only have used 400 minutes going on my fourth month!

    This equates to less THAN $20 a month for mobile phone service! Sure I don’t talk a lot on the phone. Rather doing so in person where the interaction (and the BOOZE!!) makes a more interesting and rewarding experience!

    I have a paid for Mac Book Pro, with a lot more ability than the iPhone and free wifi everywhere I go.


    The smart phone user, meaning the one who SAVES $40-$60 a month over the ripoff’s provided by AT&T;PRICE GOUGERS!!

    The $199 is attractive, but AT&T;is the danger with their high fee’s for minutes one doesn’t actually use!! Sure if you use them then perhaps so, but if you don’t talk a lot then it’s stupid to pay too much for something you’ll never use!!

    I gave AT&T;the boot and their $175 early termination fee, let me tell you how they screw you more. First you have to call them and can’t cancel in the store, they carry you for another month regardless and you have to wait two months before getting the $175 early termination bill!!

    God forbid if you don’t pay on time, they threaten your credit. I haven’t heard a beep about getting my deposit back, I suspect I’ll have to scream about it to get my money back. This is a way for them to keep your deposit, hoping you forget about it.

    AT&T;is just like the old Cingular, same dirty tactics. Now they demand a activation in their AT&T;Stores before buying a iPhone, no more buying a iPhone from Apple!!

    Apple should have never made a pact with the devil.

    That’s all I have to say, hate it or dislike it.

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