Apple: CEO Steve Jobs has ‘common bug’ and now on the mend with the aid of antibiotics

“In response to a question about his health Tuesday, an Apple spokeswoman said [Apple CEO Steve] Jobs was hit with a ‘common bug’ in recent weeks but he still felt it was important to participate in the Apple conference. The spokeswoman said he’s now on the mend with the aid of antibiotics,” Nick Wingfield blogs for The Wall Street Journal.

“Jobs’s health is occasionally the topic of chatter because he was diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic cancer four years ago, for which he underwent surgery that Apple said was successful. (Apple didn’t disclose that Jobs had been ill until after he was on the mend.) Mr. Jobs is also widely considered nearly irreplaceable at Apple, where he has been the architect of a dramatic resurgence in the company’s fortunes over the past decade,” Wingfield reports. “Fortunately for Apple, no replacement is needed.”

Full article here.

[Attribution: AppleInsider. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “MacVicta” for the heads up.]

Excellent news! Get well soon, Mr. Jobs!


  1. To the flippant insensitive person thinking of making a reference to Apple’s alleged vulnerability to viruses vs. Windows, let me remind you…

    ….I thought of it first!!!! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue laugh” style=”border:0;” />

  2. …cue all the conspiracy theorists claiming that this is just a cover story. Granted, Apple did somewhat forfeit the benefit of the doubt by keeping Jobs’ earlier illness secret, but that doesn’t automatically imply that they’re lying here, too.

    As was mentioned in the previous thread (by “Greerview”), the emaciated look of cancer patients is a result of the cancer treatment, not the cancer itself. If Jobs were undergoing treatment for pancreatic cancer a second time, he’d certainly not have been healthy enough to give a presentation. Therefore, the official explanation is probably correct.

    Of course, if they’d been honest the first time around, they wouldn’t have to work so hard to convince everybody they’re telling the truth this time.

  3. For all those who call BS, please keep in mind that Apple, as a publicly traded company, cannot make an official statement that is BS on a matter that is material to the performance of the stock. I don’t think anyone would argue that SJ’s health is material.

  4. “And what about Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer? what is their excuse for being retard, distracted, non foot grounded, etc?”

    I think Ballmer lived under power lines and ate paint chips when he was young.

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