1. Wow, let’s settle down folks… No need for flaming like that. Go to the grocery store and get a visa gift card, just make sure it says it can be used for online purchases, or perhaps an apple gift card, or, go buy the box at the apple store.

  2. @ Martin – Wow that was helpful.

    You are a prime example why mankind should not experiment on animals when tossers like you are available.

    Now nick off and don’t come back you low life scum.

  3. for god sake, try to read the posts !

    i invented drag and drop, i sold it to apple, i wrote the drag manager (macintosh easy open), i’m NOT poor !

    i actually stopped working when i was 20 !

    but, in belgium, and many other european countries, u just CAN”T get a credit card if u don’t have a SALARY (i never said no income)

  4. I hate the idea of @me.com – I mean, how embarressing if you’re in a business deal and you have to say, “here’s my email, it’s XXXXX@me.com. What? Are you a 5th grader! @mac.com says you’re a Mac user and it’s clean, clear and professional. @me is ridiculous. I can’t believe Steve went for that – I was so disappointed. If they get rid of my @mac.com’s down the road I’m getting rid of them!!!

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