Microsoft CEO Ballmer: I’m outta here in 9 or 10 years; as soon as my last kid goes away to college

“Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer has started the clock ticking on his retirement from his position as head of the world’s largest software maker,” Paul McDougall reports for InformationWeek.

“Speaking at an event Tuesday in Washington, D.C., Ballmer said he would preside over Microsoft ‘for another nine or 10 years … until my last kid goes away to college,'” McDougall reports.

MacDailyNews Take: To each his own, but If we were already multi-billionaires, we’d have retired long ago in order to spend as much time as possible with our kids before they went away to college, not waiting for our many mansions, vacation homes, and seaside villas to clear out before abandoning the ship we’d run aground. We know college is expensive, but, come on; How much does Ballmer think college costs? Earth to Ballmer: You could buy each of your kids their very own school, you big dummy. We hope Ballmers’ kids never see that quote. They’ve got enough problems: those fargin’ Zunes that dear old dad has foisted upon them, those shitaceous Dells running that Vista mess to which he’s consigned them, the Red Rings of Death, always having to find places to hide their iPods, iPhones, and MacBooks, etc…

McDougall continues, “Ballmer, 52, is married with three children. If he follows through on his plan, Ballmer would retire at about the age of 62 — a not uncommon timeframe for top software executives who’ve made billions of dollars over the life of their careers.”

“Some pundits have called on Ballmer to immediately resign as Microsoft’s CEO in the wake of the poor reception received by the company’s Windows Vista operating system and its bungled negotiations to buy out Internet rival Yahoo,” McDougall reports.

“There is no clear succession plan in place at Microsoft,” McDougall reports. “In January, Microsoft confirmed that Rob Short, corporate VP for Windows Core Technology, had quit. Short, a 19-year Microsoft veteran, led the team responsible for designing, developing, and testing Vista.

“In addition, Microsoft Business Division president Jeff Raikes has said he would retire in September,” McDougall reports. “Microsoft’s mergers and acquisitions chief Bruce Jaffe stepped down at the end of February.”

MacDailyNews Take: Like rats from a sinking ship.

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  1. The notion that Ballmer will last more than three more years at Microsoft is plain silly. If there is no Yahoo! acquisition, he’ll be out before 2010 as Microsoft loses the dominance that they need to be profitable with their current strategy. If the Yahoo! bid succeeds, it will take investors a little longer to figure out that it was an expensive failure.

  2. “Speaking at an event Tuesday in Washington, D.C., Ballmer said he would preside over Microsoft ‘for another nine or 10 years … until my last kid goes away to college,'” McDougall reports.

    Nine or 10 years!?!?! I think he’s being hopeful M$ will be around for that long – I expect he’d run it into the ground long before then…

    …and gone on to open a chain of furniture store selling three-legged chairs (four legged chairs, if you want to pay a yearly upgrade)

  3. Not to be picky but Balmer has said this several times before. This is not “new” or news really. He has said for a while now that he will stay until his kids graduate.

    Also, it’s a bit thin to connect this to any rational guesses as to when MS will become “Balmer-free” because when *he* wants to go is not so important as when the board wants him to go, when the stockholders want him to go or when the market failures say he should go.

    I agree with most everyone here so far that he will likely be going *long* before ten years are up.

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