Analysts expect Apple to surpass goal of selling 10 million iPhones in 2008

“‘There is little question that the next version of the iPhone will include 3G mobile data,’ said Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, who believes that while there might be some small changes to how the new iPhone will look, ‘overall, we expect the new version to be very similar to the current generation iPhone,'” Rex Crum reports for MarketWatch.

“In less than a year since the launch of the iPhone, Apple has sold close to 6 million of the devices, and many analysts who follow the company expect Apple to surpass its stated goal of selling 10 million iPhones this year. A 3G version of the iPhone, which runs on faster networks than the current model, is also expected to give a boost to sales overseas, where many wireless networks employ the technology,” Crum reports.

“Apple appears to have been setting itself up for the launch of the 3G iPhone by signing more deals with international carriers. The company is set to have the iPhone in about 50 countries by the end of the year,” Crum reports.

MacDailyNews Note: Actually, it’s already currently at 70 countries and counting. Full list of current and forthcoming iPhone countries and carriers here.

Crum continues, “Ken Dulaney, of technology research firm Gartner Inc., said that while the iPhone is not yet a year old and is one of the hottest tech gadgets on the market, it’s ‘extremely important’ that Apple offer an newer version of the device in order to appeal to the business customers and international markets that are crucial for the company’s iPhone growth plans.”

“Andy Hargreaves, of Pacific Crest Securities, estimates that Apple will sell 10.5 million iPhones this year. He predicts the company will debut two new 3G iPhones at about $400 and $500 each at next week’s event,” Crum reports. “He also said that, after talking with a ‘key carrier,’ the chances of iPhone subsidies are greater than he had expected. ‘We believe consumer would react positively to the lower up-front pricing and would still purchase more iPhones than we currently estimate,’ Hargreaves said in a research note.”

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  1. “How many MDN reader’s are surprised by this report?

    Anyone?? Anyone???”

    Umm, None? That’s one helluva analyst, predicting the dead obvious when it’s well on it’s way.

    In that vein, I predict the sun will rise tomorrow.

  2. This website isn’t just for daily MDN readers… It’s good to relay any information about Apple, so when the masses search Google for let’s say 3G iPhone, they can not only get informed but hit this site…

  3. The latest iCreate magazine (UK issue 56) predicts three flavours of iPhone pretty much matching Apples existing business model for computers and iPods will shortly be announced.

    Firstly a slightly smaller iPhone Nano with limited features but a really low price and maybe a plastic case. Next the standard iPhone with 3G. Finally the fully featured 3G with extra memory and perhaps of tablet design capable of running heavyweight games and applications.

    iCreate predicts that Apple may not introduce all the versions at the same time but have a staggered launch programme.

  4. iPhone has not been that successfull so far, only 1.7m sold in Q1/2008, pathetic low figures in Europe overall and a total flop in Germany.

    MDN has been chanting about an upcoming bloodbath for a year now, called the 10mill-sold-iPhones goal in 2008 a laughably low estimate , when is the bloodbath due? I am still waiting.

    iPhone is yet to deliver when it comes to reaching the masses.

  5. Lets make this clear, once and for all.

    The stated goal is 10 million units by the end of calendar year 2008. Thus, from 06.29.07 to 12.31.08 the goal is 10 million units.

    Anything over and above the stated goal is considered a success. More than 10% over is a good success. More than 15% is a great success, and more than 20% over is an amazing success.

    If Apple were simply looking for massive numbers they would have approached things very differently. To say that 1.7 million units in 2008 Q1 is not that successful so far is to apply some other form of reasoning… 1.7 x 6 quarters is 10.2 million units. And we all know that they have sold more than 1.7 million units per quarter on average. Who cares about Germany? Does it really matter? Perhaps the Germans were expecting 3G and decided to be uber practical and wait for it. Only time will tell.

  6. Considering that the current iPhone isn’t compatible with 3G services Europe, it is a miracle that they have sold any in Germany or France. We won’t know if the iPhone is successful outside the US until the 3G iPhone ships. So those saying that the iPhone is a failure in Germany and France are pretty clueless or engaging in wishful thinking and hoping for failure.

  7. So we can critique the sales of the phone that has:
    Not been designed for business.
    Not been made available at huge discounts but sold at full sticker.
    Been locked into one carrier.
    Runs on the slower network…

    Wait a second.
    Now that I think about it, why am I even bothering answering someone who can’t even spell ‘successful’?

    Whatever the trolls think, for a FIRST ATTEMPT I would say Apple hit a home run.

  8. Hello MDN, where do you get that ’70 Countries’ figure???

    Unless you prove to me that there are 2 countries with the name Switzerland, 2 with the name Portugal, 2 with the name Italy, 3 countries called India….you get the point I guess.

    It’s 70 carriers operating in 50 countries….

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