Analyst: Apple could introduce new 4- and 7-inch Multi-Touch™ devices at WWDC next week

“There’s a 50-50 chance that Apple will introduce new form factor multi-touch devices at its developers conference next week, ushering the company into the ultra-mobile computing space, one Wall Street analyst says,” Slash Lane reports for AppleInsider.

“‘We believe there is a 50% chance that a new form factor will be introduced, marking Apple’s entrance into the emerging ‘MID’ or mobile internet device market,’ American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu wrote in a report to clients Thursday. ‘Our sources indicate 4-inch and 7-inch touchscreen devices beyond prototype stage that are a cross between a Mac and iPod touch,'” Lane reports.

“Wu hedges his bets somewhat on an introduction at next week’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, explaining that ‘exact timing of production isn’t clear.’ He added, however, that he believes ‘it is inevitable that Apple will bring more touchscreen devices to market’ that will further leverage its trademark multi-touch technology first introduced on the iPhone,” Lane reports. “More certain is the analyst on Apple’s iPhone-related announcements for the conference… At least two new models of the touch-screen handset will make an appearance, including a much anticipated version that will run on so-called 3G networks for $399 to $499, in addition to a revised 2.5G version that will sell for $50 to $100 less than today.”

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  1. There’s actually either a 0% chance or a 100% chance, it’s already been determined. Only Apple’s inner circle knows which is correct. I’m betting on 0%.

    That said, a web-centric Multi-Touch tablet would cover most of my computer needs, and a lot of other people’s too. I’ve always reckoned fully fledged computers are unnecessary for most people.

    Still, this is a developers conference, and the focus will likely be on iPhone apps rather than new hardware (even moreso than the iPhone itself; iPhone 2.0 is all about the software).

  2. It’s certainly possible. While the developer’s conference is primarily about software, what better time and place to get developers excited about writing new apps for new devices ?

    Time will tell.

  3. Gotta love the Apple rumour mill… It it absolutely fascinating to watch the blogosphere whip itself up into a frenzy over this; and it of course only happens to Apple!

    Tablets have failed miserably, despite Bill Gates’s obsession with them. He kept plugging them vigorously after XP came out, with zero success. This, however, doesn’t tell us anything about the viability of the idea; it only tells us that Microsoft sucks, which we had known already.

    If tablet as a concept (and especially the internet tablet) is in fact a viable concept, Apple will be the only one to prove that.

    I for one can see how it could find its use. There are many of us with MacBooks in our living room, sitting on our end tables. We use them to google stuff up while watching TV, or to read newspapers, magazines, or whatever, while lying on the couch. Tablet would probably be better for that stuff than a MacBook. If properly done, and properly marketed, the tablet has potential for success.

    At this point, though, it’s just another entertaining rumour.

  4. I thought there was a 10% chance that I’m gay. Now I’m a little worried, maybe it’s a 50% chance.

    I’ll know on Monday ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  5. I’d like to see a larger iPod touch style device in the range of a 7-10″ wide screen format with 2GB of RAM (expandable to 4 or 8GB), 120 to 320GB SATA 2.5″ Hard drive, 2-4 USB ports, 400 & 800 Firewire ports, HDMI (or DVI) video out, Audio Out, Built-in iSight, BlueTooth, IR, Wi-Fi 802.11N, an express card slot for EVDO type data network card support or other types of cards and even perhaps a GPS.

    The chances that Apple making such a device in the next few years is slim to none, though I can see it being the future of the UM Computer. If Apple did make it, it would sell and would define a new type of device category. Make a stripped down model with a card reader and Laser Bar Code Scanner for the perfect portable handheld POS device. Apple could use a few thousand of these themselves for the Apple Stores.

  6. “… a 50-50 chance…” Wow, such insight.

    there’s a 100% chance these “analysts” are just guessing. and yet they get headlines.

    only difference between them and you or I is that they somehow get paid to guess. they really don’t know any more about Apple’s secret plans than anyone else outside the company or under NDA.

    p.s. has anyone tallied up Mr Wu’s prediction success rate?

  7. There’s a 50/50 chance that I may scratch my rear end in the next hour.
    This 50/50 article proves that analysts know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the iPhone except that it is going to be 3G.
    This analyst got paid good money to do a 50/50 speculation…what a crock?
    We should hire illegals to do analysis…they will work for half the price and WE will get the exact same results.

  8. The iPhone IS Apple’s tablet…why can’t people understand that…who wants to carry around, hold up and touch a 7 inch tablet?? Now, a 10″ thin flashdrive Macbook is another story. I and my wife would love that. Again, who in their right mind wants to lug around a 7 inch touch tablet? The iPhone is Apple’s tablet.

  9. @Blue Dream,

    I’m scratching my ass right now.

    There is NO APPLE TABLET besides the iPhone, period. Who is buying tablets in the mass market? HP has a decent one (the tx2000 series), if you want to call a Windows Vista laptop decent. But it ain’t gonna sell like a Mac anyway. That said, this is just a pipedream. The supposed return of the Newton or something like it won’t happen. If it does, who are they marketing this thing to?

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