Apple CEO Steve Jobs almost ready to unleash iPhone 2.0 upon the world

“The wait is almost over. On Monday (US time) Apple CEO Steve Jobs is expected to take the wraps off the new iPhone in a calculated show of bravado intended to wow the world,” Stephen Hutcheon reports for The Sydney Morning Herald.

“When the iPhone made its debut a year ago, it was first launched in the US before becoming available in five European countries. This version – one that will use the faster third generation or 3G mobile network – is being pitched at the world,” Hutcheon reports.

“True to form, Apple has not given any hints about what’s in store. Remarkably, it has managed to keep details about the phone, its price, its features tucked away under a heavy veil of secrecy,” Hutcheon reports.

Hutcheon covers the scuttlebutt, including:

• June 29 release date
• Global reach (70 countries and counting, not “50,” Stephen)
• Australian availability on June 19th or later to allow for Apple Store Sydney to open

Hutcheon also looks at potential price(s), features, and “one more thing,” in the full article here.


  1. I predict the stock is going to drop 10 bucks that day. The sideways action the last few weeks indicates that people are not that excited about the news. Compare the stock runup with last year for instance.

  2. Hardly a daring prediction, since Apple stock usually drops on good news. The stock market doesn’t have anything to do with reality anyway. It’s all based on what the big money wants a stock to do.

  3. The app store is the big deal because it officially solidifies the iPhone as a viable development platform. And, because it’s the first out of the gate with this sort of wide-spread distribution model, iPhone expansion and adoption will power forward.

    I think Monday will be interesting to see what Steve emphasizes as THE BIG DEAL. Though we all have our personal hopes and dreams (Gee willikers, I want GPS so I can play frisbee tag in the Himalayas), Apple is pushing to execute a broader global vision for the company and the device. Good times, good times.

  4. Wouldn’t it be funny if iPhone 2.0 has been sold for the last couple of months as iPhone 1.0… and there will just be an unlock for it, similar to the way Apple first released 802.11n wireless in laptops.

    Conspiracy theorists talk amongst yourselves.

  5. Folks,

    Remember that this is a Developers Conference so the emphasis will be on software. Don’t be surprised if there are few hardware announcements. The purpose of WWDC is to prime the development community on what they need to be prepared for in developing their own software over the next year.

    Of course there will be presentations on what to expect in OS X 10.6 from a third party development standpoint. That is precisely the point of the conference.

    This isn’t MacWorld.

  6. OK, let me make my own ludicrous predictions:
    1. iPhone (1st gen) will be sold as is (maybe with a few small upgrades) for the next 4 years.
    2. iPhone 2 will be sold unlocked, so you can use it with any network you want.
    3. AT&T;is gonna have a big flaming cow, citing the 5 year exclusivity contract wrt #2 .
    4. Steve is going to explain the exclusivity contract applies to iPhone (1st gen), and Apple is honoring that contract (see #1)

    Think it’s farfetched? Remember Mac OS 8 & killing off the clones? I think the money they’ll make from iPhone 2 in this manner will more than offset what they’ll lose keeping iPhone 1 around for several more years.

    Just my 0.5-baked idea.

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